The staff and administration at Rodolfo “Rudy” Silva Jr. Elementary believe that all students can learn; therefore, we accept the challenge to teach all students so they may attain their maximum educational potential. It is in this spirit that we would like to align ourselves as full partners with the parents of our students. It is the purpose of both Silva faculty and the parents of our school to provide our students with an excellent education that maintains the highest academic standards.

WISD Med-Clinic

Rudy Silva Med-Clinic Info

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WISD Student Safety on Campus

Title I Requirements

School - Parent Compact

Engagement Letter

Title I - Public Law

Volunteers & Mentors

Volunteer Information


Parent Monthly Presentations

August - September

  1. Beginning of the Year Parent Presentation (Title I Session #1)


  1. Drugs & Substance Abuse Tips for Parents

  2. Metal Health


  1. Bullying

  2. Technology


  1. Literacy & Core Academic Strategies (PL114-95 SEC 1116 (e)(2)

  2. Topic of Choice


  1. College & Career Readiness

  2. Topic of Choice


  1. Financial Planning (PL114-95 Secx1116 (e)(2)

  2. Topic of Choice


  1. Assessment Resources for Parents (STAAR)

  2. Topic of Choice


14. LeaderIn Me

15. Nutrition


16. Prepare for end of year

Community Partnership

Adult ESL Classes


Family Literacy & Craft Night

Utilizing the 7 Habits - We Grow Stronger Together

Aguirre Family

It's Not Easy Being A Bunny - Family Literacy & Craft Night

Ovalle Family

Salinas Family

Rodriguez Family

Corpus Family

Rodriguez Family

Mrs. Gonzalez

Negrete Family

Prize Winners

Family Literacy & Health Night (Leader In Me)

Utilizing the 7 Habits - We Grow Stronger Together

Garza & Lopez Family

Prize Winners

Community Partnership: HEB READ 3 Supporting Early Childhood Literacy

Join US For Fun Family Nights

Utilizing the 7 Habits - We Grow Stroger Together

Ovalle Family

Guess How Much I Love You - Family Literacy & Craft Night

Salinas Family

Castillo Family

Briones Family

Vallejo Family

Palomares Family

Del Toro Family

Salinas Family

First Presbyterian Church