Yu Feng (冯雨)

Department of Mathematics,

University of Wisconsin-Madison,

Office: 522 Van Vleck

Email: feng65 AT wisc DOT edu

About me

I'm a PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics at University of Wisconsin-Madison. My advisor is Jean-Luc Thiffeault. My research interests lie in fluid dynamics, including mixing and narrow exit problem. For more information please see my cv and research statement.


Mathematics. B.Sc Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai. (2011-2015)

Mathematics. M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, (2015-2016)

Ph.D. candidate in Mathmatics. University of Wisconsin-Madison, (2016-present)

Publications and Preprints

1. Phase separation in the Advective Cahn-Hilliard Equation

with Yuanyuan Feng, Gautam Iyer, and Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Journal of Nonlinear Science, 30(6), 2821–2845, 2020

2. Suppression of epitaxial thin film growth by mixing

with Xiaoqian Xu, preprint

3. Dissipation enhancement for evolution p-Laplacian equation

with Bingyang Hu, and Xiaoqian Xu

4. Narrow exit problem with sink flow

with Jean-Luc Thiffeault, in preparation


MATH 221-Calculus I (Fall 2016)

MATH 211-Calculus I for business school (Spring 2017)

MATH 221-Calculus I (Fall 2017)

MATH 222-Calculus II (Spring 2018)

MATH 114-Algbra and Trigonometry (Fall 2018)

MATH 211-Calculus I for business school (Spring 2019)

MATH 234-Calculus III (Fall 2019)

MATH320-Lin Alg and Diff Eqns (Honor section) (Spring 2020)

MATH 234-Calculus III (Fall 2020)

MATH 222-Calculus II (Spring 2021)