Entering Research Facilitator Training and Curriculum Development Institute


*Workshop has reached capacity, waitlist only available*

What: Online Entering Research Facilitator Training and Curriculum Development Institute

*When: January 11-15, 2021

Times: Monday-Friday synchronous online 10:30 am - 1:30 pm CST (30 minute break 12:00 - 12:30 pm CST each day)

*See agenda page for complete schedule

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: Registration fee is $1495. In addition, attendees are encouraged to purchase the Entering Research book, which is approximately $35.

Questions: Contact Julia Vander Meer, CIMER Program Manager, at julia.vandermeer@wisc.edu

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Institute Overview

The Entering Research Institute is a five-day online (3 hours synchronous + 1 hour asynchronous each day) facilitator training and curriculum development Institute designed to increase the capacity for undergraduate and graduate research training programs and courses offered at colleges and universities, research institutes, and other organizations that provide research training.

During the Institute, participants are introduced to the Entering Research curriculum, build a custom curriculum using a backward design approach, learn how to effectively facilitate Entering Research curricular activities, and learn to use the Entering Research Learning Assessment (ERLA) to assess research trainee learning and development.

The Entering Research curriculum and learning assessment (ERLA) are based on the Entering Research Conceptual Framework, which defines seven areas of trainee development that are grounded in the research literature on factors that impact research trainee success and retention:

    1. Research Comprehension and Communication Skills

    2. Practical Research Skills

    3. Research Ethics

    4. Researcher Identity

    5. Researcher Confidence and Independence

    6. Equity and Inclusion Awareness and Skills

    7. Professional and Career Development Skills

What participants say about the Entering Research Institute:

Having the opportunity to network with individuals from other universities who are working on similar things was invaluable. The facilitation was great and really helped me think through what I want students in my program to take away from the experience.”

Super competent and informed facilitators…. The curriculum is so realistic and easy to use. I appreciate all the thought and hard work that has gone into it."

“The access to the activities is so valuable. I had been inventing my own "wheel" and to have honed and tested activities to use for these topics is a wonderful resource.”

The group assembled---both facilitators and participants---was welcoming and eager to work together. We openly shared ideas and tried to help one another answer questions.”

“At the [Entering Research] workshop, I was able to connect with people in similar roles as mine and develop a community or network for myself. Now I know who to contact when I have questions. Thank you!”

Over 230 facilitators have been trained to develop and implement a custom Entering Research since 2017.