Mission Statement

The Business International Studies Network (BisNet) provides a forum for top U.S. business schools with active, well established study abroad and international exchange programs, primarily at the undergraduate level. Today’s curriculum must provide students with a global perspective, and enrollment in business education with an international context is steadily increasing.

The need to design programs and identify partners to meet this growing demand and send business students abroad requires patience and creativity. Business students seeking an international experience are often challenged by additional academic hurdles. Established study abroad curriculum is not traditionally rich in international business. As a result, administrators for business students must often take significant initiative to secure partner universities of high standing with courses that will allow progress toward a business degree and address issues of accreditation.

BieNet members meet each year at the national NAFSA conference, and again in the fall at rotating partner schools. This network serves as an opportunity to share best practices, discuss issues unique to a business student population, address specific concerns related to common overseas partners, identify opportunities for collaboration, and to undertake dynamic initiatives to promote and improve the range and quality of the study abroad experience.

BisNet was founded in 2002 by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently has 27 members.

For further information, please contact: Joseph Halaas.

BisNet members and Bucky Badger at the annual BisNet conference hosted by the Wisconsin School of Business.
BisNet members (and Bucky Badger!) at the annual BisNet conference hosted by the Wisconsin School of Business.