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Have you read THE BEST BOOK?!?!?

Why don't you tell us about it? Ms Hanff scours new book releases and book reviews to order new additions to the library, but if you have a suggestion, she would love to hear about it.

Meet our mascot, Grüt.

Grüt is very excited to explore the Winfield R-4 High School library. You can follow his adventures by clicking on his photo to the left. There's an urban legend that Grüt likes to hide in the books, but that seems a little silly. If you have any adventure suggestions, please email them to Ms Hanff by clicking on "email me" at the bottom of the page.

Newer book faces

Think you can do better?

Snap a picture and send it to Ms. Hanff. Maybe you'll earn a prize.

I'm on the look-out for fun activities and contests.

Let me know if you have any fun ideas for us to try!

We will be starting a Book Talk this year, so please join the Google classroom (code in the footer) for more info. and updates.

Below (and in the "Older Stuff" tab), you can see some of our past contests...

Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry Submissions


Ms Hanff and her pupper, Hazel.

Welcome to the WHS Library home page!

Librarian: Melissa Hanff

I joined the WHS staff in 2003 as a French teacher, and became librarian in 2018. I love (in no particular order) books, languages, science fiction, The Sims, comic books, coffee, tea, and dogs!