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2021 Season Calendar

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2021 Match Schedule

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Expectations & Standards

2021 Hatchets Golf PARENT EXPECTATIONS.docx

Parent & Spectator Expectations

Golf Equipment & Accessories

Golf Equipment & Accessories

Boys Uniform

Golf Uniform - Boys

Girls Uniform

Golf Uniform - Girls

Rules, Etiquette, & General Information To Help You Out On The Golf Course.

Why Do Rules Matter?

Rule: Penalty Areas

Rule: Penalty Areas

Rule : Lost Ball Or Ball Hit Out-Of-Bounds

Rule: Pace Of Play

Rule: Stroke & Distance

Rule: Bunkers

Rule: The Flagstick

Rule: Loose Impediments

Rule: Movable Obstructions

Rule: Provisional Ball

Rule: Abnormal Course Conditions

Rule: Ball Unplayable

Rule: Nearest Point Of Relief

New & Changed Rules As Of 2019 Video #1

New & Changed Rules As Of 2019 Video #2

Rule: Ball Suddenly Moves

Rule: Ball Unplayable In A Bunker

Rule: Maximum Scoring

Rule: Line Of Relief

Rule: Loose Impediments

Rule: Lateral Relief

Rule: Ball Moves While On The Putting Green

Rule: How To Lift & Identify Your Golf Ball

Rule: Penalty Area

Rule: Dropping A Ball For Relief

Rule: Replacing A Ball That Has Been Moved

Rule: Pace Of Play

Tee Box Rules

Tee Box Etiquette

Rules When You're On The Green

Green Etiquette

Play The Course As You Find It

Practice Rules Quiz Video

Practice Rules Quiz Video #3

What To Wear When Golfing

General Match Information


More On Etiquette

What Club To Use

Arranging Your Golf Bag

How To Grip/Hold Your Clubs


Pre-Shot Routine

How Close To Stand To The Ball

Shifting Your Weight When You Swing & Hit The Ball

The Golf Swing Made Simple

How To Hit A Driver

How To Hit Your Fairway Woods

How To Hit Your Irons

How to Tee Off On A Par 3


Chipping & Pitching

Hitting Out Of A Bunker

Chipping For Beginners

Putting Grip

Putting Stance

Putting Stroke

Putting Straight

Rules Quiz