Mrs. Jennifer Culp

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Welcome to the Nurse's Office!

What does the school nurse do? Here's a glimpse:

Maintain health records of all students-this includes:

  • Immunizations-please make sure your child is up to date before school starts

  • Health History-pertinent medical history about your child

  • Physical Exams-due in grades K5, 6, and 11

  • Dental Exams-due in grades K5, 3, and 7

Health Screenings-as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health

  • Growth-height, weight and BMI for all grades

  • Vision-all grades

  • Hearing-grades K5, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 11

  • Scoliosis-grades 6 and 7

Administer Medication-Medication should only be given at school if the schedule is such that it cannot be given outside school hours. The district policy allows medication to be given at school with a physician's order and parent consent. Medication permission forms are available under the forms tab and in the nurse's office.

Assess and Treat Illness and Injury-Students who develop illness or injury during the school day should report to the nurse's office. Injuries sustained outside of school should not be sent to the school nurse for assessment.

Monitor and Treat Chronic Health Conditions-such as asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, severe allergies, etc.

Participate in SAP Team, 504, and IEP meetings as needed-to address and support a student's health issues

Please feel free to call or email me anytime with any questions or concerns you may have!

Mrs. Jennifer Culp BSN, RN, CSN