Your child has grown so much this year! Please help your child keep his/her skills sharp. There are opportunities to apply and practice math every day without making it a burden. Have your child estimate the grocery bill while shopping or help with cooking- measuring ingredients, setting the timer. Ask them to figure out equal servings for each family member, or to read the bill at a restaurant and pay the bill. Practice math facts, telling time, counting money a few minutes here and there to keep skills sharp. Use the pages that are undone in their math journal. have them review Kahn Academy videos.

Of course reading and writing is important too. If traveling this summer, have your child write a postcard to a friend or family member. Remember to have your child read at least 15 minutes a day. Set aside a little bit of time each day (such as right before bed) to read. Establishing a habit early will help your child become life long readers. Visit the public library to borrow books or read there. I wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy summer! ALOHA

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