Mr. Robert Culp

Mr. Robert Culp


Each Biology course that I teach fulfills a unique niche in a student’s academic path and sequence. The Biology and Honors Biology courses strongly emphasize the standards, anchors, and eligible content related to the Keystone Biology Exam. They also emphasize the standards for reading and writing in the content area of science. These courses serve as a foundation and/or prerequisite for other courses within the science sequence at Windber Area High School. Please refer to the high school course catalog for specifics.

The upper level electives further refine and expand on the skillset forged in both the Academic and Honors Biology classes. Students have the option to enroll in AP Biology where collegiate level biological work is offered. At the conclusion of the course, students will sit for the AP Biology Exam. Students may be qualified to receive college credit for the course based on the exam score and college of choice.

Biology is a complex subject with increased rigor and pace. It is strongly advised that students be prepared for hard work both in and out of the classroom. In order to achieve long term, academic value in these courses, students must be able to understand Biology as opposed to memorizing fragments of biological trivia. Tutoring is available on a regular basis when needed. I strongly encourage students to attend when extra remediation is needed.

I truly believe in providing my students with a rigorous classroom experience that is applicable to their academic pursuits at Windber Area High School and beyond. Students will discover their own personal learning style. We will work together to develop their microscope and lab procedures as well as their note taking, critical thinking, reading comprehension and writing skills.