Project How-To

Create videos, podcasts, websites, virtual tours, digital images, digital books, narrated slideshows and handmade artifacts.  Dig in and have fun!  See Mr. Dunaj or Ms. Peterson for additional help.

Video Creation

Checklist for quality videos:




Checklist for quality podcasts:



CANVA is HERE for WPS Students!

Click this link to link your WPS gmail to our district licence for CANVA. Remember you must be logged into your WPS Gmail.

Copyright free images, audio & video 

When publishing online, it is important to respect the intellectual property of others. If you are using images, sound or video files that you did not create yourself, be sure to use copyright-free files.  Here are some useful sites:  

Narrated Slideshow

Checklist for narrated slideshow:



Handmade Artifacts & Sketchnotes

Are you a creative, "hands-on" learner? You may be drawn to tangible projects.

Checklist for handmade artifacts:


Tutorials: Sketchnotes basics

Google Earth Project Creator

Use Google Earth Project  to create a interactive virtual reality experience for your audience.  You can use Google Street View, photographs, YouTube videos, and items that are stored in your Google Drive to enhance your virtual tour. 

Checklist for Google Projects:


3D Printing

The WHS LLC has several 3D printers that students can use to print original designs.  Be sure that all printable files are in the STL format.  

3D CAD Design

TinkerCad is aree Online CAD software where you can learn and design your own creations.  All Files should be exported as an STL file in order to print in the LLC. Sign in with your WPS Google account with the SSO login. 

3D CAD Design provides users a more advanced FREE downloadable software for CAD Design for designers who are looking for more options for 3D creation.  Be sure to export all your creations as STL files to be printed in the LLC.

Book Creation

Checklist for Book Creation:




Checklist for quality websites:



Digital Image Creation

Are you a creative visual learner?  You may want to demonstrate your learning with digital images.

Checklist for digital images: