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William Barnes


About me

I began my teaching career in the Fall of 1993. I taught Health/Pe for 11 years in Franklin County . This year will mark my 16th year at Speight Middle School and my 27th year overall teaching. This community means alot to me, having lived here my whole life and attended the old Speight School. Since being here at Speight I have served on several committees and coached baseball for 13 years. I look forward to every day having the opportunity to teach and positively influence these great young minds here at Speight.


As far as the Health/PE schedule we use a A Day, B Day schedule. One week you may see me on M,W,F and the next week it will be T,TH. You will never come to my class two days in a row. My classes have PE on Monday or Tuesday, and if you come to PE on Monday your will have PE again on Friday. I have Health (Room 711 on 7th grade hall) on Wednesdays and Thursdays.PE grading will largely depend on participation and dressing out. You may wear what you wear to school, but it must be a t-shirt with athletic shorts and tennis shoes to get a 100 for the day. A grade of 90 will result from either top or bottom attire not being correct. A grade of 80 will result from neither top or bottom attire being correct. A grade of 0 will result from not wearing tennis shoes. A student will be given 3 minutes at the beginning and end of class to change clothes if they wish to. If you have any questions throughout the year feel free to contact me here at Speight.

Contact Information

School Phone Number: 252-238-3983

Email Address: william.barnes@wilsonschoolsnc.net