Driver Education

Driver Education Requirements

To take Driver's Education the student must:

  • Be between the ages of 14 1/2 an 17

  • Be in the 9th grade, however, other grade levels may take the class if class size permits

  • Be mentally and physically able to get a NC driving permit

  • Be passing 75% of their courses,

  • Meet the WCS attendance policy

  • Be making satisfactory progress toward graduation

  • Pay a fee of $65.00 before the Driving Phase occurs

*We have been given temporary permission by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to offer Driver Education online. Therefore, students must have access to a device and the internet to participate.

Currently, the class is limited to students who were unable to take the class in the spring of 2020 due to school closure for Covid-19. This is a pilot course and the numbers will be limited. We will offer additional courses after the completion of the pilot course for all students who meet the requirements listed above.

Driver Education Registration Form

Driver Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Payment Options for Driver Education

To pay for Driver Education online you will need to go to the link below. Once there please follow these instructions:

  1. Select Middle School or High School

  2. Select the school your child attends

  3. Select the "Activity" that is labeled for Driver's Education

  4. Add to Cart

  5. Select Checkout

  6. Follow procedures for checking out.

Drivers License Exam Study Guide

Graduated License Information

More information on obtaining a graduated license can be found here.