Hunt's AP Courses

Why do students choose AP courses?

How do I know if an AP class is right for me?

Examine the course descriptions so you know exactly what the course expectations are.  Then ask yourself:

1. Am I prepared to devote at least 1 hour (or more) each night per AP course?

2. Am I prepared to challenge myself and work hard in order to achieve high marks?

3. Am I interested in the content the course will teach me?

4. Did my PSAT or Pre-ACT score indicate an aptitude in a specific subject area?  Did AP Potential identify a course I was likely to be successful in? 

Keep in mind that there are limited spaces available for courses each year, so there are always conflicts with agriculture, art, chorus, dance, technology and other courses that cannot be avoided.  Students may have to choose between an elective course and an AP course.

AP EXAM FEES:: AP exams for yearlong courses are ordered by Oct 31.  

Students who drop a yearlong AP course after fall semester will have to pay the $40 unused exam fee.  The fee for AP Seminar and Research is $96.