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Who is your counselor for 2021-2022?

Students Last Names A-D Anna Whitt 252-399-7905 ext. 5014 anna.whitt@wilsonschoolsnc.net
Students Last Names E-K Jeannie Lyndon 252-399-7905 ext 5013 jeannie.lyndon@wilsonschoolsnc.net
Students Last Names L-R Beth Woodard 252-399-7905 ext 5015 elizabeth.woodard@wilsonschoolsnc.net
Students Last Names S-Z Brian Murray 252-399-7905 ext 5012 brian.murray@wilsonschoolsnc.net
College Adviser Hannah Isley hannah.isley@wilsonschoolsnc.net https://fiketocollege.weebly.com/
Career Development Jean HallCoordinator 252-399-7905 ext 5103 jean.hall@wilsonschoolsnc.net

Information by Grade Level