WJHS Dance Team 2018-2019

WELCOME to the official website for the WJHS dance team! Here you will find up-to-date calendars, required forms and videos from practices and performances. Please note that you have been given access to this website as an active member of the team. The information and videos are shared between members only and should not be posted elsewhere. Thank you!

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WJHS Dance Team

Kayla B.

Izzy B.

Amy C.

Emily C.

Dorothy D.

Kate D.

Gabby E.

Caroline F.

Devyn F.

Taylor G.

Selin G.

Annaliese I.

Christina K.

Charlotte K.

Courtney L.

Reese L.

Emily M.

Grace M.

Katie M.

Maeve N.

Emmy N.

Hannah O.

Annie P.

Piper P.

Alexandra P.

Isabel P.

Clara R.

Nora R.

Hannah R.

Rachel V.