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Hello and welcome to the Health Education webpage! Look here for lessons about wellness that can help you be stronger, healthier and have more energy. There are no assignments or grades - this is learning just to feel great! For Grades Pre-K to 6th, you can access health education resources and videos through this google page!

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Children must be healthy to be educated and must be educated to be healthy!

Handwashing is forever! Check out the video - backs, fronts, in-between, under your nails, don't forget your thumbs!

I am sure you have noticed how wearing face masks is A THING! We all need to wear a face covering in school. Please wear a mask - it shows you care about the people around you!

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Health Resources

Health and Nutrition

To stay healthy, it is important for us to eat a balance of all the food groups. The food groups are: vegetables, fruits, proteins, grains, fats and dairy.

Vegetables include carrots and peas. The more veggies you eat, the better!

Fruits include apples and bananas. Fruit is great for you and it makes an amazing snack!

Proteins include beans and meats. It is important to eat protein because it helps you stay strong.

Grains include items such as bread or muffins. When eating grains, try to look for whole grain foods because they are better for you.

Fats include things like oil and butter. It is important to eat fats, but in moderation.

Lastly, Dairy is anything that can be made with milk, such as yogurt or cheese. Dairy is a good source of calcium, which helps us have strong bones.

Check out the resources listed below to learn more about nutrition and eating healthy! It is a great way to start the New Year strong!

(adapted Harvard School of Public Health)

Make a yummy snack full of fruit and protein that everyone will love. Use sunflower butter if you are allergic to peanuts, it tastes great! Ask an adult to help cut the apple slices...

Click on the little square in the upper right hand corner to open the video recipe below in a new page to watch...

Next, try making crunchy breakfast tacos - ask a grown up to help!

Click on the big plate to play fun games to help you learn about nutrition!!!

Look at these two plates! Above are the names of the 5 food groups and to the left is a picture of different foods that are in those groups! Can you match the pictures of fruits to the word "Fruits" above? How about the grains? Veggie picture to the word "vegetables"?