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Research papers

  • The NBER has come out with so many Covid-19 related working paper in such a short period of time, I've given up on listing each one. Instead, here is a link to the page on the NBER website with links to all the research.

  • SSRN has a good Covid-19 page, with good links to other resources.

  • A 200-page CEPR compendium on various aspects of the pandemic.

  • FRBSF working paper on the long-run impact of pandemics, compared with wars.

  • St Louis Fed working paper, using a DSGE model in which the pandemic is modeled as a "large negative shock to the utility of consumption of contact-intensive services." (!)

  • Board of Governors paper on the effects of the 1918 pandemic, looking across cities at the effects of "non-pharmaceutical intervention."

  • This paper uses computational linguistics to figure out which firms will be hardest hit.

  • This paper from the U of Chicago looks at the characteristics of workers who are more/less likely to be affected by social distancing, etc.

  • Misinformation During a Pandemic. Sean Hannity = "treatment" and Tucker Carlson = "control"!

  • Sorting out the causes of the contraction, using cell phone foot traffic data from Safegraph.

  • This just in: estimates from Bernheim et al. on the number of cases and deaths resulting from Trump rallies.

Non-technical articles and essays

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