An ever growing list largely pertaining to Hoogsteen, tetraplexes and other weird and wonderful structures

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Crystal Structure of Cytidine

S. Furberg


Reports and Working Notes on DNA

Rosalind Franklin


A Proposed Structure For The Nucleic Acids

L. Pauling, R. B. Corey

Crystallinity in Sperm Heads: Molecular Structure of Nucleoprotein in Vivo

M. H. F. Wilkins, J. T. Randall

Molecular Configuration in Sodium Thymonucleate

Rosalind E. Franklin, R. G. Gosling

Molecular Structure of Deoxypentose Nucleic Acids

M.H.F. Wilkins

Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids

F. Crick, J.D. Watson

The Structure of DNA

F. Crick, J.D. Watson

Surface films of desoxyribonucleic acid

Thomas W. James, Daniel Mazia


On the Macromolecular Structure of Deoxyribonucleic Acid: An Interrupted Two-strand Model

C. A. Dekker, H. K. Schachman

On the Replication of Desoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)

M. Delbruck

Possible Relation between Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Protein Structures

G. Gamow

The complementary structure of DNA

F.H.C. Crick


An Identical Duplex Structure for Polynucleotides

Jerry Donohue, Gunther S. Stent

A Possible Mechanism for the Replication of the Helical Structure of Desoxyribonucleic Acid*

David P. Bloch

Hydrogen-bonded Helical Configurations of Polynucleotides*

Jerry Donohue

On The Unwinding Of Dna

C. Levinthal, H. R. Crane


The Stereochemistry of Deoxyribonucleic Acid: I. Covalent Bond Lengths and Angles

M. Spencer


The structure of crystals containing a hydrogen-bonded complex of 1-methylthymine and 9-methyladenine.*

Karst Hoogsteen


Base Pairing in DNA

Jerry Donohue, Kenneth N. Trueblood


Four-stranded DNA as determined by electron microscopy

Cecil E. Hall, Liebe F. Cavalieri

Multi-stranded Deoxyribonucleic Acid as determined by X-Irradiation

Liebe F. Cavalieri, Roland Finston, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg

Nucleic Acids: Molecular Biology of DNA

Liebe F. Cavalieri, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg

Tautomeric Forms in a Polynucleotide Helix and Their Bearing on the Structure of DNA

H. Todd Miles

The Replication of DNA I. Two Molecular Classes of DNA

Liebe F. Cavalieri, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg

The Replication of DNA II. The Number of Polynucleotide Strands in the Conserved Unit of DNA

Liebe F. Cavalieri, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg

The Replication of DNA III. Changes in the Number of Strands in E. Coli DNA During Its Replication Cycle

Liebe F. Cavalieri, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg


Proof that the Replication of DNA involves Separation of the Strands

John Cairns

The Application of Autoradiography to the Study of DNA Viruses

John Cairns


Chromosome Duplication and Structure as Determined by Autoradiography*

W. J. Peacock

Nucleic Acids and Information Transfer

Liebe F. Cavalieri, Barbara H. Rosenberg

Some Thoughts on the Double-Stranded Model of Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Aaron Bendich, Herbert S. Rosenkbanz

The Molecular Structure of a Hydrogen Bonded Complex of N-Ethyl Adenine and N-Methyl Uracil

F. Scott Mathews, Alexander Rich

The Crystal and Molecular Structure of a Hydrogen-Bonded Complex Between 1-Methylthymine and 9-Methyladenine*

Karst Hoogsteen

The Crystal Structure of an Intermolecular Nucleoside Complex: Adenosine and 5-bromouridine*

A. E. V. Haschemeyert, Henry M. Sobellt


Chromosome Structure and Crossing Over

Charles H. Uhl

Crystal Structure of 9-Methyladenine

R.F. Stewart, L.H. Jensen

Determining the structure of biological macromolecules

Struther Arnott

Nucleic Acid Structure

Watson Fuller

The Biochemistry of Genetics

Francis H.C. Crick

The Crystal Structure of Cytosine*

David L. Barker, Richard E. Marsh


A Model of Sister-Strand Crossing-Over

Charles H. Uhl

Fourier Synthesis Studies of Lithium DNA - Part III: Hoogsteen models

Struther Arnott, M. H. F. Wilkins

Is the Transition From Chromosome to Chromatid Aberrations the Result of the Formation of Single-stranded DNA?

J. A. Heddle, J. E. Trosko

Strandedness of Vicia Faba Chromosomes as Revealed by Enzyme Digestion Studies

James E. Trosko, Sheldon Wolff

The Crystal Structure of a Hydrogen Bonded Complex of Adenosine and 5-Bromouridine

A. E. V. Haschemeyer, Henry M. Sobell

The Molecular Structure of the Crystalline Complex Ethyladenine: Methyl-Bromouracil

Louis Katz, Ken-ichi Tomita, Alexander Rich


Calculation of the Lowest Energy Configurations of Nucleotide Base Pairs on the Basis of an Electrostatic Model

H. A. Nash, D. F. Bradley

DNA Replication

H. E. Kubitschek, T. R. Henderson

Intercalated Nucleic Acid Double Helices : a Stereochemical Possibility

Stewart Mcgavin, H. R. Wilson, G.c. Barr

On the Hydrogen Bonding Scheme between Purines and Pyrimidines

Michael Pollak

On the Shape of a DNA Molecule*

Tai Te Wu

The crystal structure of a purine-pyrimidine hydrogen-bonded complex: 9-ethyl-2-aminopurine and 1-methyl-5-fluorouracil

Henry M. Sorell

The Strandedness of Meiotic Chromosomes From Oncopeltus

Stephen L. Wolfe, Godfrey M. Hewitt

Van der Waals-London interactions and the configuration of hydrogen-bonded purine and pyrimidine pairs*

Bernard Pullman, Pierre Claverie, Jacqueline Caillet

X-ray diffraction study of the complex of 1-methyl-5-bromuracil with 9-methyladenine

Yu. G. Baklagina, M. V. Vol'kenshtein, Yu. D. Kondrashev


Crystal Structure of the Intermolecular Complex 9-Ethyladenine: 1-Methyl-5Fluorouracil

Ken-ichi Tomia, Louis Katz, Alexander Rich

A Re-evaluation of X-ray Diffraction Patterns of DNA

Tai Te Wu

The Physical and Chemical Properties of Nucleic Acids

Gary Felsenfeld, H. Todd Miles


Electronic Energy of the DNA Replication Plane

Walter M. Macintyre, Per-olov Lowdin

Fundamental Dimensions of the Bases in Nucleic Acids

Jerry Donohue

Periodic Conformations of Deoxyribonucleic Acids

Tai Te Wu

Protonated Polynucleotide Structures

Y. Courtois, P. Fromageot, W. Guschlbauer

Specificity of the Three-stranded Complex Formation between Double-stranded DNA and Single-stranded RNA containing Repeating Nucleotide Sequences

A. R. Morgan, R. D. Wells

Strandedness of DNA at 92% Relative Humidity

Tai Te Wu


A Model for the Tertiary Structure of Transfer Ribonucleic Acids

Tai Te Wu

Crystal Symmetry of Deoxyribonucleic Acid: On the Validity of the Use of Intensity Statistics on Limited Numbers of Data

Jerry Donohue

Fourier Analysis and the Structure of DNA

Jerry Donohue

Secondary Structures Of DNA

Tai Te Wu

Secondary Structures Of DNA* (Revision)

M. H. F. Wilkins, H. R. Wilson, L. D. Hamilton

Secondary Structures Of DNA*

M. H. F. Wilkins, H. R. Wilson, L. D. Hamilton

The Strandedness of Nucleic Acids

Stewart McGavin


Fourier Series and Difference Maps as Lack of Structure Proof: DNA Is an Example

Jerry Donohue

The Fly in the Fourier

Jerry Donohue


Confusions About the Structures of Nucleic Acids*

Tai Te Wu

Models of Specifically Paired Like (Homologous) Nucleic Acid Structures

Stewart McGavin

The Crystal Symmetry of DNA: Has It Been Proven?

Jerry Donohue


Letter to the Editor: Nucleic Acid Structure

H.R. Wilson

Refinement of the Structure of B-DNA and Implications for the Analysis of X-ray Diffraction Data from Fibers of Biopolymers

Struther Arnott, D. W. L. Hukins

The Structure of DNA as Deduced from fiber X-Ray Crystallography

Tai Te Wu


The Sense of Naturally Occurring Superhelices and the Unwinding Angle of Intercalated Ethidium

David E. Pulleybank , A. Richard Morgan


Determination of the number of superhelical turns in simian virus 40 DNA by gel electrophoresis

Walter Keller


A possible conformation for double-stranded polynucleotides

G. A. Rodley, R. S. Scobie, R. H. T. Bates, R. M. Lewitt

Double strandard polynucleotides: Two typical alternative conformations for nucleic acids

V. Sasisekharan, N. Pattabiraman

Honest Jim?

Jerry Donohue

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Hydrogen-bonded Ring Protons in Oligonucleotide Helices Involving Classical and Nonclassical Base Pairs

N. R. Kallenbach, W. E. Daniel, Jr., A. Kaminker

The Crystal and Molecular Structure of a Calcium Salt of Guanylyl-3',5'-Cytidine (GpC)

B. Hingerty, E. Subramanian, S. D. Stellman, T. Sato, S. B. Broyde, R. Langridge


A Model for the Specific Pairing of Homologous Double-stranded Nucleic Acid Molecules During Genetic Recombination

Stewart McGavin

Contributions to Image Reconstruction

R.M. Lewitt

On the structure of DNA

R. H. T. Bates, R. M. Lewitt, C. H. Rowe, J. P. Day, G. A. Rodley

Spatial configuration of ordered polynucleotide chains: A novel double helix

Wilma King Olson


A Salt-induced Conformational Change in Crystals of the Synthetic DNA Tetramer d(CpGpCpG)

Horace H. Drew, Richard E. Dickerson, Keiichi Itakura

A Sequence-Independent, Four-stranded, Double Watson-Crick DNA Helix that Could Solve the Unwinding Problem of Double Helices

Paul A. W. Edwards

Fragments of Chargaff

Jerry Donohue

Helical Repeat of DNA in Solution

James C. Wang

On the structure of DNA

R. H. T. Bates , R. M. Lewitt , C. H. Rowe , J. P. Day, G. A. Rodley

Primary organization of nucleosome core particle of chromatin: Sequence of histone arrangement along DNA

Andrei D. Mirzabekov, Valentin V. Shick, Alexander V. Belyavsky, Sergei G. Bavykin

Some implications of an alternative structure for DNA

V. Sasisekharan, N. Pattabiraman, Goutam Gupta

Studies of Metal Ion DNA Interactions

N.G. Kok Chin

Tertiary Structure for Palindromic Regions of DNA

V. I. Lim, A. L. Mazanov

The Conformation of Double-stranded DNA

B. Cyriax. R. Gäth

Topological Considerations in the Theory of Replication of DNA

William F. Pohl, George W. Roberts

Unique structures formed by pyrimidine*purine DNAs which may be four-stranded

Douglas Johnson, A. Richard Morgan


Do multistranded polynucleotides have a biological role?

A. R. Morgan

Four-stranded DNA Structure and DNA Base Methylation in the Mechanism of Action of Restriction Endonucleases

A. Stasiak, T. Klopotowski

Intercalation conformations in single and double-stranded nucleic acids

S. R. Holbrook, S.-H. Kim

Is DNA Really a Double Helix?

F.H.C. Crick, James C. Wang, William R. Bauer

Laser Raman Spectroscopy of a Complementary Base Pair in the Hoogsteen Configuration

Jeffrey L. Strobel, William M. Scovell

Model Calculations on Base-Pair Interactions in DNA

Robert G.A.R. Maclagan

Nick-free formation of reciprocal heteroduplexes: A simple solution to the topological problem

John H. Wilson

Nicking-closing activity associated with bacteriophage λ int gene product

Yoshiko Kikuchi, Howard A. Nash


DNA and Differential Geometry

William F. Pohl

High-salt d(CpGpCpG), a left-handed Z' DNA double helix

Horace Drew, Tsunehiro Takano, Shoji Tanaka, Keiichi Itakura, Richard E. Dickerson

Is DNA really a double helix?

G. A. Rodley, R.H.T. Bates

Old twists to an old tale

Jerry Donohue

Polypurine DNAs and RNAs form secondary structures which may be tetra-stranded

Jeremy S.Lee, David H.Evans, A-Richard Morgan

Revised interpretations of the available x-ray data for B-DNA

R.H.T. Bates, G.C. Mckinnon, R.P. Millane, G.A. Rodley

The Topology of Homologous Pairing Promoted by RecA Protein

Chanchal DasGupta, Takehiko Shibata, Richard P. Cunningham, Charles M. Radding

Some Formal Consequences of a Specific Association Between Double Stranded Nucleic Acid MoleculesProperties of Multistranded Structures

Stewart McGavin

Visualization of an Unwound DNA Duplex

Struther Arnott, P. J. Bond, Rengaswami Chandrasekaran


B-Transition To Z-Transition In DNA Fiber: The Question Of Handedness Of The Duplex

V. Sasisekharan, Samir K. Brahmachari

Deoxyribonucleic Acid Structure: A New Model

Robert C. Hopkins

Genetic recombination: recA protein promotes homologous pairing between duplex DNA molecules without strand unwinding

Era Cassuto, Stephen C.West, Jill Podell, Paul Howard-Flanders

Homologous pairing can occur before DNA strand separation in general genetic recombination

Stephen C. West, Era Cassuto, Paul Howard-Flanders

recA protein promotes homologous-pairing and strand-exchange reactions between duplex DNA molecules

Stephen C. West, Era Cassuto, Paul Howard-Flanders

Reflections on a Rubber Band and Supercoiled DNA

M. V. Sussman

Refinement of the side-by-side model for DNA

R. P. Millane , G. A. Rodley, G. F. Rodley

Some Formal Consequences of a Specific Association Between Double Stranded Nucleic Acid Molecules Properties of Multistranded Structures

Stewart McGavin

Stereochemical details of the side-by-side model for DNA

R.P. Millane, G.A. Rodley


A Hypothesis of DNA Structure - Inspiration From the Topological Trans-formation of Supercoiled DNA

Xu Youcheng, Qian Li, Tao Zongjin

A new model for DNA containing A.T and I.C base pairs

Horace R. Drew, Richard E. Dickerson

Fibre and molecular structure of thymidylyl-3′, 5′-deoxyadenosine

Mostafa M. Radwan, H. R. Wilson

Fractionation of Calf Thymus DNA by DEAE Cellulose Column Chromatography

Anna Fang Wu, Tai Te Wu

Novel aspects of the structure of the Eseheriehia ecoli nucleoid investigated by a rapid sedimentation assay

Jeremy S. Lee, A. Richard Morgan

The Double Helix and the Warped Zipper - An Exemplary Tale

T. D. Stokes

The Three Dimensional Structure of DNA

Steven B. Zimmerman


Base-base interactions in nucleic acids containing A-T base pairs

Malini Rajagopalan, Goutam Gupta, V. Sasisekharan

Site-specific Recombination of Bacteriophage Lambda: The Change in Topological Linking Number Associated with Exchange of DNA Strands

Howard A. Nash, Thomas J. Pollock

Studies of the interaction of RecA protein with DNA

D.F. Dombroski, D.G. Scraba, R.D. Bradley, A.R. Morgan

Use of axial Pattersons in Assessment of Compatibility of alternative B-DNA structures with fibre X-ray data

G. A. Rodley , R. P. Millane , G. C. McKinnon, R. H. T. Bates


A Conformational Rationale for the Replication of Nucleic Acids Under Prebiotic Conditionsa Conformational Rationale for the Replication of Nucleic Acids Under Prebiotic Conditions

R. Balasubramanian, P. Seetharamulu

A Detailed Study of LiDNA Fibres at Various Salt Concentrations Reveals a Nonhelical B-DNA and a Possible Similarity of Solution and Solid State Structures

Pradip K. Parrack, Santanu Datta, V. Sasisekharan

Construction and Use of Models Designed to Demonstrate some Topological Properties of Multistranded Nucleic Acid Structure and its Possible Bearing on Recombination

Stewart McGavin

New Helical Structure of Double-Stranded Polynucleotide

L. I. Verkhovsky, R.H. N. Mikelsaar

Studies of DNA Organization in Hydrated Spermidine- Condensed DNA Toruses and Spermidine-DNA Fibres

Kenneth A. Marx, George C. Ruben


A Unique Four-stranded Model of a Homologous Recombination Intermediate

Robert C. Hopkins

Pairing of Unwound DNA Duplexes as Hypothetical Intermediates in Genetic Recombination

J.C. Stockert

Reason in the Zeitgeist

T. D. Stokes

Structural models for non-helical DNA

Gad Yagil, Joel L.Sussman


DNA supercoiling in vivo

Gun N. Giaever, Larry Snyder, James C. Wang


A Fractal Model of Chromosomes and Chromosomal DNA Replication

Manabu Takahashi

Coexistence of A- and B-form DNA in a single crystal lattice

J. Doucet, J.-P. Benoit, W. B. T. Cruse, T. Prange, Olga Kennard

Do Hoogsteen base pairs occur in DNA?

José Portugal

Four Strand Recombination Models

Stewart McGavin

Four-Strand Structure, Kinks and Cruciforms in DNA

Stewart McGavin

G-DNA: A twice-folded DNA structure adopted by single-stranded oligo(dG) and its implications for telomeres

I. G. Panyutin, O. I. Kovalsky, E. I. Budowsky, R. E. Dickerson, M. E. Rikhirev, A. A. Lipanov

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Nucleic Acids

Gil Lee, Patricia G. Arscotr, Victor A. Bloomfield, D. Fennell Evans

Unusual helical packing in crystals of DNA bearing a mutation hot spot

Youri Timsit, Eric Westhof, Robert P. P. Fuchs, Dino Moras


A fresh look on DNA double helix: Part I. A critical analysis of two base pair schemes. A rule and role of Watson-Crick » Hoogsteen base pair in DNA polymorphic transitions*

Bankim Das, Subhasis Chakravarty, Asok Banerjee

In Search of a Hoogsteen Base Paired DNA Duplex in Aqueous Solution

Mukti H. Sarma, Kimiko Umemoto, Goutam Gupta, Jia Luo, Ramaswamy H. Sarma

Scanning tunnelling microscopy of nucleic acids and polynucleotides

P.G. Arscott, V.A. Bloomfield

Somatic Cell Illegitimate Recombination via a Tetraplex DNA Intermediate

A. K. Konopka, Akinori Sarai

The new model of DNA structures

J. Zhang, H.Y. Zhang


Base-pairing shift in the major groove of (CA) tracts by B-DNA crystal structures

Youri Timsit, Eric Vilbois, Dino Moras

Parallel Double Stranded Helices and the Tertiary Structure of Nucleic Acids

O.F. Borisova, Yu.B. Golova, B.P. Gottikh, A.S. Zibrov, I.A. Il'icheva, Yu.P. Lysov, O.K. Mamayeva, B.K. Chemov, A.A. Chemyi, A.K. Shchyolkina, V.L. Florentiev

Paranemic Structures of DNA and their Role in DNA Unwinding

Gad Yagil


Atomic force microscopy of single- and double-stranded DNA

Helen G.Hansma, Robert L.Sinsheimer, Min-Qian Li, Paul K.Hansma


A Novel DNA Duplex. A Parallel-Stranded DNA Helix with Hoogsteen Base Pairing

Keliang Liu, H. Todd Miles, Joe Frazier, and V. Sasisekharan

DNA comes in many forms

Alexander Rich

Self-Organization of Adenine and Thymine in the Solid State

Margaret C. Etter, Susan M. Reutzel, Carolyn G. Choo

Theoretical Investigation of the Hydrogen Bond Strengths in Guanine-Cytosine and Adenine-Thymine Base Pairs

Ian R. Gould, Peter A. Kollman

The structure of duplex DNA in the nucleosome core particle: An alternative model

A.T. Baker, V. Mckee, G.A. Rodley

Visualisation of Single Molecules of RNA Polymerase Sliding along DNA

Hiroyuki Kabata, Osamu Kurosawa, Ichiro Arai, Masao Washizu, Stefanie A. Margarson, Robert E. Glass, Nobuo Shimamoto*


Fibre type x ray diffraction triple helix DNA

Keliang Liu, H. Todd Miles, Kevin D. Parris, V. Sasisekharan

G-wires self-assembly of a telomeric oligonucleotide, d (GGGGTTGGGG), into large superstructures

Thomas C. Marsh, Eric Henderson

Hoogsteen-Duplex DNA: Synthesis and Base Pairing of Oligonucleotides Containing 1-Deaza-2’-deoxyadenosine

Frank Seela, Thomas Wenzel

Parallel Nucleic Acid Helices with Hoogsteen Base Pairing Symmetry and Structure

G. Raghunathan, H. Todd Miles, V. Sasisekharan

Pf 1 Virus Structure: Helical Coat Protein and DNA with Paraxial Phosphates

David J. Liu, Loren A. Day

Single Strand Targeted Triplex Formation: Parallel-Stranded DNA Hairpin Duplexes for Targeting Pyrimidine Strands

Ekambar R. Kandimalla,Sudhir Agrawal, Ganesh Venkataraman, V. Sasisekharan


Reconsideration of some results for linear and circular DNA

G.A. Rodley

Self-fitting and self-modifying properties of the B-DNA molecule

Youri Timsit, Dino Moras

Symmetry and Structure of RNA and DNA Triple Helices

H. Todd Miles, V. Sasisekharan


A novel intact circular dsDNA supercoil

Richard Wu, Tai Te Wu

Bicyclo-DNA: a Hoogsteen-selective pairing system

Martin Bolli, J Christopher Litten, Rolf Schijtz, Christian J Leumann

Cruciform structures and functions

Youri Timsit, Dino Moras

Real or Ideal? DNA Iconography in a New Fractal Era

Rhonda Roland Shearer

Do We Have the Structure of DNA Right?

Robert Root-Bernstein

Hoogsteen DNA Duplexes of 3′-3′- and 5′-5′-Linked Oligonucleotides and Triplex Formation with RNA and DNA Pyrimidine Single Strands: Experimental and Molecular Modeling Studies

Ekambar R. Kandimalla, Sudhir Agrawal

Inter-strand C-H 0 hydrogen bonds stabilizing four-stranded intercalated molecules: Stereoelectronic effects of 04' in cytosine-rich DNA

Imre Berger, Martin Egli, Alexander Rich

Ligand-induced formation of Hoogsteen-paired parallel DNA

Christophe Escude, Shahla Mohammadi, Jian-Sheng Sun, Chi-Hung Nguyen, Emile Bisagni, Jean Liquier, Eliane Taillandier, Therese Carestier, Claude Helene

Modelling extreme stretching of DNA

Anne Lebrun, Richard Lavery

Plastic Atomic-Molecular Models - A Key to Stereochemical Structures

Raik-Hiio Mikelsaar

The diameter of duplex and quadruplex DNA measured by scanning probe microscopy

J. Vesenka, T. Marsh, E. Henderson C. Vellandi

Structure of Py · Pu · Py DNA Triple Helices. Fourier Transforms of Fiber-Type X-Ray Diffraction of Single Crystals

Keliang Liu, V. Sasisekharan, H. Todd Miles, G. Raghunathan


Hairpin—dimer equilibrium of a parallel-stranded DNA hairpin: formation of a four-stranded complex

Utz Dornberger, Joachim Behlke, Eckhard Birch-Hirschfeldl, Hartmut Fritzsche

Independent: A new twist on the structure of DNA

Caspar Henderson

Molecular Stick-Slip Motion Revealed by Opening DNA with Piconewton Forces

U. Bockelmann, B. Essevaz-Roulet, F. Heslot

Winding of the DNA helix by divalent metal ions

You-Cheng Xu, Hans Bremer


Deconstructing DNA: Mark Curtis

Ayala Ochert

Design and self-assembly of two-dimensional DNA crystals

Erik Winfree, Furong Liu, Lisa A. Wenzler, Nadrian C. Seeman

The morphology of duplex and quadruplex DNA on mica

Tera Muir, Emily Morales, Jeffrey Root, Indira Kumar, Brian Garcia, Christian Vellandi, Dena Jenigian, Thomas Marsh, Eric Henderson, James Vesenka


DNA: the Double Helix or the Ribbon Helix?

Lev I. Verkhovsky

Intercalative G-Tetraplex Stabilization of Telomeric DNA by a Cationic Porphyrin

Ihtshamul Haq, John O. Trent, Babur Z. Chowdhry, Terence C. Jenkins

Theoretical studies on conformation comparison of braid-like and triplex DNA

Linjing Yang, Chunli Bai, Ciquan Liu, Xiufan Shi, Imshik Lee


Crystal structure of an antiparallel DNA fragment with Hoogsteen base pairing

Nicola G. A. Abrescia, Andrew Thompson, Tam Huynh-Dinh, Juan A. Subirana

Hoogsteen-Based Parallel-Stranded Duplexes of DNA. Effect of 8-Amino-purine Derivatives

Elana Cubero, Anna Avino, Beatriz G. de la Torre, Miriam Frieden, Ramon Eritja, F. Javier Luque, Carlos Gonzalez, Modesto Orozco

Oligonucleotides form a duplex with non-helical properties on a positively charged surface

S. V. Lemeshko, T. Powdrill, Y. Y. Belosludtsev, M. Hogan

The First Example of a Hoogsteen Basepaired DNA Duplex in Dynamic Equilibrium with a Watson- Crick Basepaired Duplex—A Structural (NMR), Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study

J. Isaksson, E. Zamaratski, T. V. Maltseva, P. Agback , A. Kumar, J. Chattopadhyaya

The fragile X chromosome (GCC) repeat folds into a DNA tetraplex at neutral pH

Petr Fojtík, Michaela Vorlícková

X-ray Diffraction From DNA Fibres Under Tension

Robert J. Greenhall, Colin Nave, Watson Fuller

Analytical Molecular Biology

Tai Te Wu


A Hoogsteen base pair embedded in undistorted B-DNA

Jun Aishima, Rossitza K. Gitti, Joyce E. Noah, Hin Hark Gan, Tamar Schlick, Cynthia Wolberger

Mental Tools for Thinking About DNA Technologies in New Ways

Robert Root-Bernstein, Michele Root-Bernstein

NMR structure of a parallel-stranded DNA duplex at atomic resolution

V. Rani Parvathy, Sukesh R. Bhaumik, Kandala V. R. Chary, Girjesh Govil, Keliang Liu, Frank B. Howard, H. Todd Miles

Topologically Non-linked Circular Duplex DNA

Ken Biegeleisen


2003 - The DNA double helix fifty years on

Robert B. Macgregor Jr., Gregory M.K. Poon

An Eight-Stranded Helical Fragment in RNA Crystal Structure: Implications for Tetraplex Interaction

Baocheng Pan, Yong Xiong, Ke Shi, Muttaiya Sundaralingam

DNA structure: Revisiting the Watson–Crick double helix

Manju Bansal

The Mona Lisa of modern science

Martin Kemp

PNA(T).DNA(AT) triplexes with Hoogsteen base pairing are more favorable

Xie Jun, Liu Ciquan, Qu Lianghu

Theoretical Study of a New DNA Structure: The Antiparallel Hoogsteen Duplex

Elena Cubero, Nicola G. A. Abrescia, Juan A. Subirana, F. Javier Luque, Modesto Orozco

Variety in DNA secondary structure

C. S. Delmonte, L. R. B. Mann

X-ray and NMR Studies of the DNA Oligomer d(ATATAT): Hoogsteen Base Pairing in Duplex DNA

Nicola G. A. Abrescia, Carlos González, Catherine Gouyette, Juan A. Subirana


Replication by human DNA polymerase occurs by Hoogsteen base-pairing

Deepak T. Nair, Robert E. Johnson, Satya Prakash, Louise Prakash, Aneel K. Aggarwal


DNA coiled coils

J. L. Campos, L. Urpi, T. Sanmartin, C. Gouyette, J. A. Subirana

Molecular dynamics simulation of single DNA stretching

Raimo Lohikoski, Jussi Timonen, Aatto Laaksonen

The probable structure of the protamine–DNA complex

Ken Biegeleisen


Best Scientific Discovery or Worst Scientific Fraud of The 20th Century

Tai Te Wu

Rec A-independent homologous recombination induced by a putative fold-back tetraplex DNA

Arun Kumar Shuklaa, Kunal B. Roy

Structure of the DNA Coiled Coil Formed by d(CGATATATATAT)

Daniela De Luchi, Valentina Tereshko, Catherine Gouyette, Juan A. Subirana

Utilising the left-helical conformation of L-DNA for analysing different marker types on a single universal microarray platform

Nicole C. Hauser, Rafael Martinez, Anette Jacob, Steffen Rupp, Jo ̈rg D. Hoheisel, Stefan Matysiak2


DNA Footprinting: Hitherto Unaddressed Problems

C. S. Delmonte

Hoogsteen-Duplex DNA: Synthesis and Base Pairing of Oligodeoxynucleotides Containing 1- Deaza-2′-deoxyadenosine

Frank Seela, Thomas Wenzel, Harald Debelak

Interaction of Monomolecular G4-DNA Nanowires with TMPyP: Evidence for Intercalation

Irit Lubitz, Natalia Borovok, Alexander Kotlyar

Stability and Transition in a DNA Tetraplex: A Model for Telomeres

Shinoo Srivastava, Seema Srivastava, Shyam Singh, Vijai Prakash Gupta, Vishwambhar Dayal Gupta

The 1.3 A resolution structure of the RNA tridecamer r(GCGUUUGAAACGC): Metal ion binding correlates with base unstacking and groove contraction

Youri Timsit, Sophie Bombard

The Energetics of i-DNA Tetraplex Structures Formed Intermolecularly by d(TC5) and Intramolecularly by d[(C5T3)3C5]

Jens Volker, Horst H. Klump, Kenneth J. Breslauer


Nature’s Code

Vanessa Hill, Peter Rowlands

Stabilization by Extra-Helical Thymines of a DNA Duplex with Hoogsteen Base Pairs

Joan Pous, Lourdes Urpi, Juan A. Subirana, Catherine Gouyette, Jorge Navaza, J. Lourdes Campos


Finding of a zero linking number topoisomer

You Cheng Xu


A duplex DNA model with regular inter-base-pair hydrogen bonds

Xu-Qing Li, Ping Fan

Diversity in DNA recognition by p53 revealed by crystal structures with Hoogsteen base pairs

Malka Kitayner, Haim Rozenberg, Remo Rohs, Oded Suad, Dov Rabinovich, Barry Honig, Zippora Shakked


DNA Structure: Alphabet Soup for the Cellular Soul

P. Shing Ho, Megan Carter

Replication Demands an Amendment of the Double Helix

You Cheng Xu

B-DNA structure is intrinsically polymorphic: even at the level of base pair positions

Tatsuya Maehigashi, Chiaolong Hsiao, Kristen Kruger Woods, Tinoush Moulaei, Nicholas V. Hud and Loren Dean Williams


DNA-Directed Base Pair Opening

Youri Timsit


DNA Self-Assembly: From Chirality to Evolution

Youri Timsit

A Historical Account of Hoogsteen Base-pairs in Duplex DNA

Evgenia N. Nikolova, Huiqing Zhou, Federico L. Gottardo, Heidi S. Alvey, Isaac J. Kimsey, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi


A Mathematical Representation of the Genetic Code

Peter Rowlands, Vanessa Hill

Helical Repeats of Left-Handed DNA

You Cheng Xu

Widespread transient Hoogsteen base pairs in canonical duplex DNA with variable energetics

Heidi S. Alvey, Federico L. Gottardo, Evgenia N. Nikolova, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi


A Hypothesis on the Secondary Structure of DNA

You Cheng Xu

Free energy landscape and transition pathways from Watson–Crick to Hoogsteen base pairing in free duplex DNA

Changwon Yang, Eunae Kim, Youngshang Pak

Fundamental mathematical structures applied to physics and biology

Peter Rowlands, Vanessa Hill

Hierarchical looping of zigzag nucleosome chains in metaphase chromosomes

Sergei A. Grigoryev, Gavin Bascom, Jenna M. Buckwalter, Michael B. Schubert, Christopher L. Woodcock, Tamar Schlick

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Structure of the DNA Duplex d(ATTAAT)2 with Hoogsteen Hydrogen Bonds

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Neuron-Like Networks Between Ribosomal Proteins Within the Ribosome

Olivier Poirot, Y. Timsit

Occurrence and Function of Hoogsteen Base Pairs in Nucleic Acids

Huiqing Zhou

A New Histone Structure Which Binds DNA at Its Eight Subunit N-Termini

Ken Biegeleisen

The Probable Structure of “Form IV” (Alkali-Denatured Circular DNA)

Ken Biegeleisen


Energy Landscape and Pathways for Transitions Between Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen Base Pairing in DNA (Perspective)

Debayan Chakraborty, David J. Wales

Energy Landscape and Pathways for Transitions Between Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen Base Pairing in DNA

Debayan Chakraborty, David J. Wales

Geometry and scientific rationality: a counterpoint between two paradigmatic cases

Miguel Álvarez Lisboa

Hyperstretching DNA

Koen Schakenraad, Andreas S. Biebricher, Maarten Sebregts, Brian ten Bensel, Erwin J.G. Peterman, Gijs J.L. Wuite, Iddo Heller, Cornelis Storm, Paul van der Schoot

Methods for Non-Destructively Separating or Reannealing the Strands of Circular Duplex DNA Chromosomes

Ken Biegeleisen

Robust IR-based detection of stable and fractionally populated G-C+ and A-T Hoogsteen base pairs in duplex DNA

Allison L. Stelling, Yu Xu, Huiqing Zhou, Seung H. Choi, Mary C. Clay, Dawn K. Merriman, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi


A Strategically Located Arg Lys Residue Promotes Correct Base Paring During Nucleic Acid Biosynthesis in Polymerases

Vito Genna, Paolo Carloni, Marco De Vivo

A polarized view on DNA under tension

Joost van Mameren, Karen Vermeulen, Gijs J. L. Wuite, Erwin J. G. Peterman

A survey of recent unusual high-resolution DNA structures provoked by mismatches, repeats and ligand binding

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Atomic structures of excited state A–T Hoogsteen base pairs in duplex DNA by combining NMR relaxation dispersion, mutagenesis, and chemical shift calculations

Honglue Shi, Mary C. Clay, Atul Rangadurai, Bharathwaj Sathyamoorthy, David A. Case, Hashim M. Al‐Hashimi

Biologically important conformational features of DNA as interpreted by quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics computations of its simple fragments

V. Poltev, V. M. Anisimov, V. Dominguez, E. Gonzalez, A. Deriabina, D. Garcia, F. Rivas, N. A. Polteva

Dynamics of physiologically relevant noncanonical DNA structures: an overview from experimental and theoretical studies

Debostuti Ghoshdastidar, Manju Bansal

High-resolution AFM structure of DNA G-wires in aqueous solution

Krishnashish Bose, Christopher J. Lech, Brahim Heddi, Anh Tuân Phan

Modeling the effect of intercalators on the high-force stretching behavior of DNA

Koen Schakenraad, Iddo Heller, Andreas Biebricher, Gijs Wuite, Cornelis Storm, Paul van der Schoot

Non-dissociative structural transitions of the Watson-Crick and reverse Watson-Crick А·Т DNA base pairs into the Hoogsteen and reverse Hoogsteen forms

Ol’ha O. Brovarets’, Kostiantyn S. Tsiupa, Dmytro M. Hovorun

Quantum-mechanical survey of the novel conformational and tautomeric transformations of the classical Watson-Crick А·Т(WC), reverse Watson-Crick А·Т(rWC), Hoogsteen А·Т(Н) and reverse Hoogsteen А·Т(rН) DNA base pairs

Ol’ha Brovarets’, Kostiantyn Tsiupa, Andrii Dinets, Dmytro Hovorun

Real-space evidence of Watson–Crick and Hoogsteen adenine-uracil base pairs on Au(111)

Yuanqi Ding, Lei Xie, Xinyi Yao, Wei Xu

Recent progress in double helix conjecture

You Cheng Xu, Xin Yuan Liu

The discovery of hydrogen bonds in DNA and a re-evaluation of the 1948 Creeth two-chain model for its structure

Stephen E. Harding, Guy Channell, Mary K. Phillips-Jones

Unexpected A·T(WC)-A·T(rWC)/A·T(rH) and A·T(H)-A·T(rH)/A·T(rWC) conformational transitions between the classical A·T DNA base pairs: A QM/QTAIM comprehensive study

Ol’ha O. Brovarets’, Kostiantyn S. Tsiupa, Dmytro M. Hovorun


A New Structural Molecular Biology

Clive Delmonte

Atomistic insight into the kinetic pathways for Watson–Crick to Hoogsteen transitions in DNA

Jocelyne Vreede, Alberto Perez de Alba Ortiz, Peter G. Bolhuis, David W.H. Swenson

Characterizing Watson−Crick versus Hoogsteen Base Pairing in a DNA−Protein Complex Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Site-Specifically C- and N‐Labeled DNA

Huiqing Zhou, Bharathwaj Sathyamoorthy, Allison Stelling, Yu Xu, Yi Xue, Ying Zhang Pigli, David A. Case, Phoebe A. Rice, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi

Computational Studies of Hoogsteen Base Pairs in Nucleic Acids and Developments in Enhanced Sampling Simulation Techniques

James McSally

Direct evidence for (G)O6H2-N4(C)+ hydrogen bonding in transient G(syn)-C+ and G(syn)-m5 C+ Hoogsteen base pairs in duplex DNA from cytosine amino nitrogen off-resonance R1q relaxation dispersion measurements

Atul Rangadurai, Johannes Kremser, Honglue Shi, Christoph Kreutz, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi

DNA Quadruple Helices in Nanotechnology

Jean-Louis Mergny, Dipankar Sen

Dynamic chromatin organization without the 30-nm fiber

Kazuhiro Maeshima, Satoru Ide, Michael Babokhov

Evidence Falsifying the Double Helix Model

You Cheng Xu

Infrared Spectroscopic Observation of a G–C+ Hoogsteen Base Pair in the DNA:TATA-Box Binding Protein Complex Under Solution Conditions

Allison L. Stelling, Amy Y. Liu, Wenjie Zeng, Raul Salinas, Maria A. Schumacher, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi

Modeling the possible orientations of base pairs in overstretched DNA

R.C. Boot

Nervous-Like Circuits in the Ribosome Facts, Hypotheses and Perspectives

Youri Timsit, Daniel Bennequin

Nucleic Acid Crystallography: A Different Approach

Clive Delmonte

Politics Dictates Scientific Truth

Tai Te Wu


Base-pair resolution analysis of the effect of supercoiling on DNA flexibility and recognition

Alice L. B. Pyne, Agnes Noy*, Kavit Main, Victor Velasco-Berrelleza, Michael M. Piperakis, Lesley A. Mitchenall, Fiorella M. Cugliandolo, Joseph G. Beton, Clare E.M. Stevenson, Bart W. Hoogenboom, Andrew D. Bates, Anthony Maxwell, Sarah A. Harris

DNA Structure Puzzles 1 - 24 With Additions

Clive Delmonte

Free Energy Landscape and Conformational Kinetics of Hoogsteen Base-Pairing in DNA vs RNA

D. Ray, I. Andricioaei

Single-molecule visualization of DNA G-quadruplex formation in live cells

Marco Di Antonio, Aleks Ponjavic, Antanas Radzevičius, Rohan T. Ranasinghe, Marco Catalan, Xiaoyun Zhang, Jiazhen Shen, Lisa-Maria Needham, Steven F. Lee, David Klenerman, Shankar Balasubramanian


Revealing A-T and G-C Hoogsteen base pairs in stressed protein-bound duplex DNA

Honglue Shi, Issac J. Kimsey, Hsuan-Fu Liu, Uyen Pham, Maria A. Schumacher and Hashim M. Al-Hashimi

Watson−Crick versus Hoogsteen Base Pairs: Chemical Strategy to Encode and Express Genetic Information in Life

Shuntaro Takahashi and Naoki Sugimoto

Probing the Hydrogen-Bonding Environment of Individual Bases in DNA Duplexes with Isotope-Edited Infrared Spectroscopy

Robert J. Fick, Amy Y. Liu, Felix Nussbaumer, Christoph Kreutz, Atul Rangadurai, Yu Xu, Roger D. Sommer, Honglue Shi, Steve Scheiner, Allison L. Stelling


Probing Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen base pairing in duplex DNA using dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR spectroscopy

Daniel W. Conroy, Yu Xu, Honglue Shi, Nicole Gonzalez Salguero, Rudra N. Purusottam, Matthew D. Shannon, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi, Christopher P. Jaroniec

Theoretical insights into water network of B-DNA duplex with Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen base pairing geometries

Ahmed M. Rozza, Imre Bakó, Julianna Oláh

Transient Hoogsteen Base Pairs Observed in Unbiased Molecular Dynamics Simulations of DNA

Rodrigo Galindo-Murillo, Thomas E. Cheatham III