Whitman-Hanson Regional

High School Library

Library Hours

Mon-Thurs 6:40am-4pm*

Friday 6:40am-1:40pm

*library use for Enrichment & late bus students. Ms. Shaw is present until 2:30pm M-Th.

The library is open to students during seminars and lunches.

Please get a pass from Ms. Shaw in the morning if you want to come down for your seminar.

If you come during lunchtime, please sign in when you get to the library.

REMINDER: While talking & socializing are acceptable in the library, students who are disruptive, disrespectful and/or engaging in inappropriate behaviors while in the library will be asked to leave.

Library Media Specialist

Ms. Catherine Shaw

Phone: 781-618-7451

Email: catherine.shaw@whrsd.org

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