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2019 Membership Application

Membership Specials

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New Family


up to two adults and any number of children residing at a single residence

August Family


up to two adults and any number of children residing at a single residence

2019 Membership Options

All memberships are good from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Memberships may be reviewed at any time.



Includes up to two adults and any children living at a single residence



Includes any individual between the ages of 18 and 61



Includes any individual over the age of 61

Membership Policies

Membership Policy

WSC policy states, all children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older). Children at least 11 years of age may be present at the Club without an adult if there is a completed membership application and current Notarized Medical Release form on file in the Manager's Office.

The family concept of membership is only applicable to children who legally reside at the address of the legal guardian named above. All adults must reside at the above address. By submitting payment you are hereby certifying that ALL MEMBERS named on this application RESIDE with you and you are their legal guardian. You agree to provide proof of residency to the pool board if asked. You further agree that should you submit a fraudulent application, the Whitman Swim Club can and will revoke your membership with no remuneration to you. You also agree to abide by all Whitman Swim Club policies, rules and regulations as established by the Whitman Swim Club Pool Board. There are NO REFUNDS after opening day.


Whitman Swim Club memberships are available to all, not just Whitman Square residents. When you join the pool, you must fill out a membership form listing all family members who will use the pool. Substitutions to those listed will not be accepted. (Example, If a husband is at work, you may not bring another adult family member, neighbor etc in his place) The WSC board will review all applications and accept or deny each at their discretion. Submission of payment does not guarantee membership. No refunds for memberships will be granted after opening day.

Guest Policy

All guest members must be signed in at the gate by a member in good standing. A guest must be accompanied by a member 18 yrs or older. If you bring a guest into the pool, you are required to remain at the pool with your guest; drop-offs are not permitted. Guest fees will be $9.00 Sunday-Saturday; and $5.00 if entering after 5pm. This must be paid at the gate upon arrival. Pre-paid guest passes are available at the front gate. They are $50.00 for 7 visits or 7 guests. There are no refunds for unused guest passes and guest passes expire at the end of the season.