LarkSpurGames specialises in story-based tabletops with easy rules, fast-to-play setups and exciting game dynamics. We have eight and a half games so far since beginning our game design journey in late 2022.  I say half because there is also One Card Labyrinth, a one-card taster of our first game, which was entered into a competition - Labyriinthians.


"Labyrinthians" is a Celtic dungeon crawl through the ever-changing labyrinths below the Highlands of a mythic Scotland (Alhba). Labyriinthians can be played many times with differing outcomes and has a fun respawn mechanism that turns heroes into villains. It is best played with two to four characters and can encompass a whole afternoon or evening of solid adventuring for a solo dungeoneer or with one or two mates. 

"Escape from the Isle of Morrow" is a one-shot dungeon dive as well, but more rogue-like; seeing how far you can get through its challenges. It is designed as a stimulating solo dungeon delve but can be played with up to four players in collaboration to enable more combat and less strategic but necessary retreating.

"666" is another narrative-based game. 666 is like playing four games in one. It starts with a whodunnit, with players collecting a reward for solving a rather creepy mystery. Then it moves into a stealth city-crawl, next a choose-your-own-adventure-style game and culminates in a classic wargame across your entire tabletop. It is also unique because the group plays as the gamemaster, making creative and vital decisions as the Guild of the Hound. The game uses three six-sided dice for combat and magic, hence the title 666. It promises an afternoon or evening of creepy fun or can be played as one-shots over a series of get-togethers. 

"Temple Racers" is inspired by the Raiders movies (of course). It is a competitive, fast dungeon crawl for two to four players attempting to build a pathway to the hidden treasure room of the Temple of the Jaguar through overgrown and underground levels. It is swift and ruthless and requires skill, strategy, a little luck and a certain amount of schadenfreude to succeed. 

"Dungeon Domiños" are 73 hexagonal, isometric dungeon tiles that look beautiful together. The deck includes additional stunning monsters, weapons, keys and other cards to spice up your games.  It is designed as a dungeon-building aid, but the game "All Is Fate" is included.

"Aon" is a tarot card-based game where two to six players set good against evil to free themselves of all their cards first. It is fast and ruthless.

"Tower of Blood" is a solo, competitive or collaborative dungeon crawler for up to four players. It features dungeon dominos, gross monsters to slay, weapons, armour, potions and other more unique loot, a host of prisoners to rescue and a unique "tower of blood" level-building combat system, which is a lot of fun in itself.

"Pillage the Weak" is Larkspurgames first strategy game. It retains a fantasy battle theme. It is a lot of fun for kids and adults and it is easy to learn and provides a good hour of ruthless fun. It can be played again and again.

Each LarkSpur game is currently available to order from The Game Crafter. 

For non-US residents, games can take up to six weeks to arrive, and the shipping can be costly.

Publishers interested in distributing the games in physical stores, or in POD stores in other continents please get in touch -

Enjoy your table-topping with LarkSpurGames!

Dr Ross McLennan (Game Designer)