Year 9 Guided Choices 2023

Guided Choices Process Overview

  • Guided Choices Evening - 26th January 2023, 6-8pm

  • Key information is in the Guided Choices Booklet

  • Taster sessions will run for Business, Health and Social Care, Media Studies, GCSE PE and Sport Science by March 3rd

  • All students have a 1:1 meeting with a member of staff to discuss their choices.

  • Year 9 Parents' Evening is on Thursday February 23rd.

  • Complete the Guided Choices Form to inform us of your choices by 3pm on March 10th

Completing the form

Indicate your 4 choices, and a reserve, using the drop down menus.

  • Make sure you enter your subjects in order of preference as this will be considered when constructing classes.

  • Ensure you have chosen one of Geography, History, French, Latin, Mandarin or Spanish

  • Confirmantion of allocations will be made in Term 5.

Guided Choices Evening

26th January 2023 - 6pm

If you have any questions during the Guided Choices process please speak to a member of staff as soon as possible.