Middle School




7th Grade Materials Processing:

Teacher - Mr. Lein

Students will first learn the foundational skills necessary to working in a technology lab. Then they will learn how to read a set of plans and build according to those plans, understanding order of operations and developing problem solving skills as they as they complete their projects. As the course progresses, students will experience a broader scope of the full process of designing and engineering, including a background of why they are building what they are building, mathematical and scientific factors involved, an understanding of constraints and other limiting factors, as well as real life applications of what they are doing. They will come to appreciate the value of careful planning and forethought has in the desired quality of the final product. Most of all, students will learn to think critically, problem solve independently, and work and communicate cooperatively.

Current Projects:

  • Catapult
  • Climbing Critter
  • Wind Turbine
  • Coin hole

8th Grade Transportation Systems:

Teacher - Mr. Michta

In this class, students will experience the fundamentals of engineering and design while making real-world connections with hands-on STEM-based projects that revolve around problem solving.

For each STEM-based project, students will apply the design process to develop their own unique solutions that incorporate math and science principles discussed in class and from student led research. They will demonstrate the ability to problem solve by developing a set of plans for their project, to address challenges encountered during project construction, and by selecting appropriate tools and building materials based on function, cost, safety, and availability. Students will improve their fine motor skills by using various tools and machines to produce their projects. Furthermore, students will use critical thinking as they test, evaluate, and optimize their projects. Throughout the course, students will develop cooperative communication skills as they work with peers in the technology lab, skills that are vital for college and career readiness.

Current Projects:

Digital Literacy

With the increased importance of computer technology in society, digital literacy is a valuable tool for lifelong learning. It is necessary to become digital citizens; individuals responsible for how they use technology to interact with the world around them. This course will teach the students how to use various software tools to increase their problem-solving skills to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of technology and computers. Students will be introduced to real world, industry-leading programs and give them the foundational skills necessary to explore and grow in the digital world. Each project requires students to be creative and to think critically, developing an appreciation of perseverance in the quality of the desired outcomes. The structure and atmosphere of this class facilitates student communication and collaboration, reinforcing the interpersonal and team related skills associated with the digital job market.

Current Software: