The purpose of transition is to ready individuals for post-secondary options. It can help ensure success by combining students desires and abilities before leaving high school.


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(Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)

Their mission:

"To obtain, maintain and improve employment for people with disabilities by working with VR consumers, employers and other partners."

(recommended to apply by second semester sophomore year)

All Students College and Career Ready

The resources included within this website are intended to support students and their families as they collaborate with school and the community to achieve their goals. Students and their families, the District, and community agencies work together to ensure opportunities for students pertaining to gaining employment and developing strong self-advocacy skills. According to Wisconsin State Statue 115.787(2)(g)1, beginning not later than in the first IEP that will be in effect when the child is 14, and updated annually thereafter, a statement of appropriate, measurable post-secondary goals for the child based on age-appropriate transition assessments related to training, education, employment and, where appropriate, independent living skills.

Post-Secondary Transition Plans

Transition Action Guide For Post-School Planning is a framework that helps to suggest resources, roles and responsibilities. Click the button below to download.

Here is the link to the PTP (Post-Secondary Tranition Plan) Application and the PTP demo site.


The documents below are guiding timelines for transition planning. Students and their families will collaborate with District staff and community agencies as they move through the transition process.

These documents are adapted from Opening Doors Self-Determination, Employment, Post secondary Education and Training, and Guide to Adult Services as well as Wisconsin DPI's Transition Planning Documents.

Our transition framework focuses on 4 of the following primary areas:

*Pre-vocational/vocational-(e.g., school based businesses/jobs, job shadowing in the community/training)

*Self-determination (planning for the future)-(e.g., identifying career interests, skills sets, independent living)

*Social Skills- (e.g., instruction and practice of skills in a support school based setting, application and generalization in both the school and community).

*Home/Community-(e.g., planning, banking, safety, leisure, transportation).




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Guardianship resource:

When someone turns 18, they become an adult and are expected to make the right decisions about their medical treatment, finances and life. Guardianship is a legal proceeding in which someone asks the court to identify that the particular individual with a disability is unable to manage his or her affairs effectively because of his or her disability. A guardian will then be appointed and make decisions for that person. The link below will provide you more information about the guardianship process.


College Links:

  1. Complete the online application and pay the school's application fee, if applicable.
  2. Using Naviance/Family Connection, add the schools into your account so teachers and counselors can see where you have applied under the "colleges I'm applying to" tab. Pleasedenote which application you are using (Common Application (CA) or Coalition Application (CO). In order to match the Common App with Naviance, please follow the steps on your screen and sign the FERPA agreement. We recommend you waive your rights to view your letters of recommendation. *Log into your Common App account and the agreement can be located by clicking on any of the schools you're applying to---under Recommenders and FERPA.
  3. Ask teachers for letters of recommedation, if necessary. Make sure to ask them in advance, giving them at least 4 weeks to write a letter. Ask them in person first, then "request" them via Family Connection under the "letters of recommendation" tab. Click on the blue Add Request button on the far right.
  4. Send standardized test scores to the schools you applied to. *It's your responsibility to have official test scores sent from ACT or SAT.
  5. Finally, give your counselor a completed gold college application form (located in the Counseling Department) along with the transcript fee ($3.00 for each college you apply to---cash or check made out to Whitefish Bay High School).

Note: Some schools require SAT Subject tests so be sure to check your schools.

*Information on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid):

*See your counselor during any of the above steps if you have any questions or if you encounter problems.

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