The Oxford Program

An Overview

The Oxford Program is a partnership between Westwood High School and Bridgewater State University through which Westwood students have an opportunity to participate in the Bridgewater-at-Oxford study abroad program as college students.

The program is open to WHS students in the summer following their senior year. Students must be eighteen years of age by July 6th and hold a current United States passport to be eligible.

WHS English teacher and Program Coordinator, Mrs. Rebecca Gillespie, works with the BSU Director of Study Abroad, Mr. Mike Sandy, to identify students who would be successful participants in the program, which includes a college accredited course, "The Oxford Fantasists." Participation in the Bridgewater-at-Oxford program includes :

  • 3 English Literature undergraduate credits

  • Several educational trips and walking tours that supplement their studies including the following possible locations: Wales, Bath, Stonehenge, Blenheim Palace, and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

As a liaison to Bridgewater State University, Mrs. Gillespie communicates with AP and honors English students about the program during the spring of their junior year, working with their English teachers and administrators to identify candidates who demonstrate the academic strength, maturity and character that are required of program participants. Please contact Mrs. Rebecca Gillespie with any questions.

See the Program Overview page for more information.

Contact Mrs. Gillespie for more information:

(781) 326-7500 x3162