Student Achievement

Reporting to Parents

At our school we believe that regular two-way communication between home and school is an essential part of the learning process. Weston School reports on individual progress to inform parents and promote better learning in the future.

We report to parents in a variety of ways including:

  • Regular meetings and discussions with the parents/caregivers of new entrants as they settle into the first term
  • Meet the Teacher evening during the second week of the school year
  • Mid Year and End of Year reporting showing progress towards and against expected Curriculum Levels
  • Presentations, workshops and parents meetings on curriculum, digital or social learning
  • Student goals and assessments kept in school learning journals
  • Mid Year conferences with parents/family and whanau to share progress
  • Informal parent interviews as required
  • Contacting parents if unusual or significant issues affecting their child's learning or behaviour become apparent at school
  • Celebrations of learning
  • School and class newsletters
  • Board annual report
  • Social Media - Facebook/Website
  • Class Dojo/Class Blogs/Classcraft

Parent interviews are booked online and this information is shared with you when mid year reports are given out. You are welcome to book a time to discuss your child’s learning at any time, please see the class teacher or leave a message at the office.