Distance Learning Yr 0-2

Hi Everyone,

Now that the holidays are over and Term 2 is beginning, it’s time for Weston’s “Distance Learning”. We have put together a task-board for you to use imaginatively, creating learning out of the things you do at home. We have colour coded the activities so you can choose between a literacy, outside or maths activity.

We would love you to connect with us in any way that is easy for you: by phone, email, Dojo, and Zoom. Send us photos and look out for our class Zoom times when we can all catch up and say hello. We love to hear what you have been up to.

The most important thing at this time of uncertainty is to take care of yourself and family. Just do what you can, talk and listen, and remember the simple things that give you joy.

Jenny, Mel, Sara

Mrs Brown's and Mrs R's Flat Teacher Taskboard

Sara & Mels Flat Teacher Letter.pdf

Learning At Home - Task board

Try the Home and School Learning Taskboard! Print it off and mark it as you go - or if you don't have a printer at home - make a list of what you do as you go!

You can bring this to school to show us once we are back on board.

Junior distance Learning Task Board.pdf

Learning At Home - Some online ideas