Distance Learning Kea and Kohuhu

Hi Everyone,

We hope you’re all keeping well.

The most important thing you can continue to do is take care of yourself and your family. Be mindful, take time to talk about how you are feeling and be kind.

At this stage we are unsure how long it will be before we see you all again, but we are here for you and are happy to chat via email/classcraft/google docs if you would like to communicate with us. Would love to hear from you & will see you on Zoom soon!

We’ve updated the varied learning programme below as some may have done activities off here already. We really look forward to seeing what other activities you will put in the blank rubric. Go at your own pace and what fits in with your family. This has been designed to cover two weeks, then we’ll go from there.

Definitely still an important time to work on life skills too.

Kind regards,

Gary & Ange

Websites to use

Specific to Kea class

Classcraft - messaging (this is up and running with kids)

Studyladder with specific levelled pods set up for literacy and maths

Edshed.com for spelling - continue to use this. I have decided there will be no new spelling words for this week at least - until we see how everyone is going

Mathsmate - Do any incomplete term 1 sheets & sheet 1 & 2 of term 2. Epic code - spa5732

The writing challenge I mentioned when sending the zoom code will be put on hold for a week or two - we all really need to find our feet with our distance learning and I want to be mindful about how much I put out there for you to do.

Specific to Kohuhu Class

Prodigy and Maths Mate, Epic books - the class code is dcq2318

Science Badge Work - we were working on our Marine Science Badge at school. Ten stars worth was research and the other ten stars was to be the Rocky Shore Field Trip. Most have already done the 10 Stars research but I’m not sure when or if we ever get back to doing the field work, so, to avoid disappointment, if they could do 15 Stars worth all up - send to me on-line, then the badge is achieved. Some children have already started another Science Badge. I will attach some copies of the more ‘doable’ badges for this age group. This could be an ongoing project for some.

Activities Board to do at home

Check out our Activity Sheet - Print it off and fill it out

If you don't have a printer at home - save a copy of the document (it can be found here) - share it with your teacher - and fill it out on your screen.

Kea and Kohuhu Distance Learning.pdf