COVID-19 Returning to School

ALERT LEVEL 2: Return to School - Monday 18th May

We are excited that Alert Level 2 enables us to open our school again for all students and staff from Monday 18th May. We are looking forward to our school being alive and buzzing again with the return of everyone and to have learning again happening in our school.

We do want to acknowledge that things won't be quite the same. We want to reassure everyone in our school community that we are taking every precaution we can to ensure all health and safety aspects are considered and committed to, while also ensuring that school is an enjoyable place to look forward to being at each day. Because of this, significant planning has taken place and a 'parent friendly' version of this planning is below.

Also below is information from SDHB Psychologist Mike Parkes - specifically to support parents in supporting their chidlren return to school. Some children will be excited to return to school, some will be anxious. These feelings (and others) are all ok.

Weston School Procedures for Alert Level 2 - Information for Parents and Caregivers

Procedure Planning for Alert Level 2.pdf

Supporting children to get ready for returning to school

Getting Kids Ready for School_Handout for Parents.pdf

Bus Information - MoE

MOE Alert Level 2 Bus Info May 2020.pdf

Bus Information - Ritchies

Ritchies Bus Instructions May 2020.pdf