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Uniform Policy


All children wearing the school uniform will promote a positive image and school identity within the community.


1. To standardise suitable clothing for school and school activities.

2. To make Weston School pupils easily identifiable in the community and therefore enhance personal safety while travelling to and from school, on trips and in and out of school activities.

3. To enhance school pride.

4. To assist with identification of visitors in the school.

5. To remove “competition” in standards of dress or feelings of inferiority or deprivation in the minds of pupils.


1. All students from Years 0 to 8 are required to wear the Weston School uniform.

2. All students will be required to wear the Weston School Uniform on school outings and trips (with the exception of school camp and when the teacher deems it appropriate to wear mufti during certain school trips or activities. Staff may use their discretion here).

3. The Board shall review its Uniform Policy bi-annually.

4. The Board (through Home & School) has endeavoured to ensure the uniform is attractive, practicable and affordable to parents.

5. All clothing must be clearly named.

6. The uniform can be purchased from Sutherland Mens & Ladies Wear, Thames Street Oamaru.

7. For Health & Safety reasons the school hat is compulsory in Term 1 and Term 4 (please refer to the Sun Smart Policy).

8. House captains may wear their house colour shirt on Assembly Friday and on official Weston sport days or house events.

9. If correct uniform is not worn (temporarily) by any student a note from a parent or a pass from the Uniform Shop (given if there is an item not available) must be handed into the Office. Any non-uniform items worn must be navy blue.

Weston School Uniform

School Polo Shirt

School Polar Fleece or School Jacket

School shorts – Navy

School Skort

Tracksuit Pants – Navy

School Hat – to be worn with uniform Terms 1 & 4

Approved BOT 8/11/2016 Next review 2019