Welcome to the Westminster School Parents Club!

There are many things to do these next few months! How will YOU get involved? Check out our new Sign Up Genius and the calendar to see what's coming up!

WPC Welcome Letter

Did You Know?

Every parent or guardian at Westminster School and The Griffin Academy is a member of the WPC. An all-volunteer organization, our purpose is to "FUNraise" at Westminster School, provide support for school activities, and to promote a strong sense of community.

The WPC Executive Committee STRONGLY encourages you to get involved with the activities of the WPC! There are a wide variety of ways to help support the WPC. There is a place for YOU in the WPC.

Get involved. We guarantee - you will NOT regret it!

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Fall General Meeting

WPC Executive Committee 2017-2018

Mrs. Maria Bredbenner - President (maria.bredbenner@gmail.com)

Dr. Brigid Castro - Vice President (nucneuro@verizon.net)

Mrs. Suzanne Gustafson - Recording Secretary (suzanne.gustafson@gmail.com)

Mrs. Nelofur Damiani - Corresponding Secretary (nelofur.damiani@clearavenue.com

Mrs. Veronica Arispe - Treasurer (vtarispe@gmail.com)

Mrs. Susan Oh-Minayar - Parent Liaison (som9170@gmail.com)

Mrs. Kate Schanbacher - Information Resource Officer (kschanbacher@gmail.com)

Mrs. Evelyn St. Clair - Immediate Past President (evelyn.stclair@gmail.com)