Principality of Oertha

Here Recognize Hans and Elena, 76th Prince and Princess of Oertha

Greetings to all of our beloved populace of Oertha, 

From the lush forests of Earngyld to the windswept cliffs of His Highness’ ancestral home of Hrafnfjordr through the mountains and valleys of Eskalya and Selviergard to the far reaches of Pavlok Gorod and Icy lands of Winter’s Gate. Know that we are eager to visit all our lands throughout the vastness of Oertha. We will be releasing a royal progress as soon as possible, and if you are hosting an event that you wish us to know the particulars of please feel free to reach out to us or our Head Courtiers with details. 

As we move into the new year we ask that you consider service to your local branch as it is near and dear to our hearts and the lifeblood of our society. One of the most joyous ways to become more involved is to assist sitting gate, or as deputy officers and event stewards. There are many out there that have years of service and are happy to guide and teach those newer to their positions. 

As we travel and visit the far reaches of Oertha we look forward to being able to recognize those good gentles who are doing acts of service, learning, teaching and creating art as well as those who support martial activities throughout the land. As we cannot see all the great acts of our populace we ask that you please pass word of their good deeds to us as award recommendations so that we can properly recognize them. 

Hans and Elena, 

Prince and Prncess of Oertha