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6th Grade Guidance Counselor

About Me:

Welcome 6th graders and families! I am so excited to be working with you this year. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help! I can be reached at 978-692-2708 x5107 or by email at

Eric Lipschutz

7th Grade Guidance Counselor

About Me:

Most students know me as Mr. L. I am excited to welcome my class back to Stony Brook for 7th grade! I really enjoy working with the middle school population and building relationships with the students. My goal is to help them achieve not only academic success, but experience social and emotional growth as well. Students and parents/guardians are welcome to email me at I can be also be reached via telephone at (978) 692-2708 X 5109.

8th Grade Guidance Counselor

About Me:

Welcome 8th graders! I am confident that you will really enjoy your teachers and your peers. I encourage all students to visit me in the guidance office at any time if they need assistance or support. Parents are welcome to call or email at any time. I can be reached at 978-692-2708 X5108 on my confidential voicemail or by email at

Adjustment Counselor (6th, 7th & 8th Grades)

About Me:

I am fortunate to have a job I love, and have been working with Middle School students for the last 20 years. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As the Adjustment Counselor I work with students in 6th, 7th & 8th grade. I meet with students individually and in groups. My goal is to help students navigate the challenges of early adolescence by developing healthy coping strategies to succeed socially, emotionally, behaviorally and academically. In addition to being the Adjustment Counselor, I coach the Stony Brook Field Hockey Team, Girls on the Run, and run CommUnity Club. I can be reached at 978-692-2708 x5106 or by email at

Guidance Admin Assistant and Registrar

Phone: 978-692-2708 x5113

Note from the SB Guidance Department: Please continue to visit our website throughout the school year as we will be posting important information and updates about initiatives for each of the three grades. Also, please see the helpful academic and social/emotional resources for students and families posted on the website.