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How will my student access their assignments?

Middle and high school students will be using Google Classroom. Elementary students will be using either Google Classroom or Seesaw depending on the teacher.

Where will I get help if I have technical issues?

Please email:

What can I do to help my student be as successful as possible with learning at home?

Because students will be learning from home, it’s important to help them create a learning space where they can be successful.

  • Remote learning offers an opportunity for you to help your student develop or continue using great organizational skills. Give your student the opportunity to organize their learning space in a way that makes sense to them and where they know the location of each resource. Allowing them to have a space for their pencils, notebooks, markers, and other materials will help them develop organizational skills that can be reinforced throughout the year.

  • Come up with a schedule, but let your child have input! Remote learning doesn’t have to be between regular school hours. Set aside study times, break times and recreation times that make the most sense for your child.During work times - consider limiting phone/social media access.

  • We know when the phone is nearby focus on work declines substantially. There may be times when phone access is appropriate during work time, like a group project or study session over the phone with friends. There should be a balance, but many aspects of remote learning will be individual.

  • While every house has a unique set-up, it’s important to try and remove as many distractions as possible.
    For younger learners this may mean moving some toys into the closet or into a different room.

  • Talk to your student about the expectations for their behavior in live online meetings. Emphasize that the live online meeting is a classroom and the expectations for behavior are the same as when they go to school. This includes when a student uses the chat feature in Google Meet during a live online meeting.

What are teachers doing to set expectations for student behavior in live online meetings?

Our students are learning how to learn remotely and our teachers are learning how to teach remotely. We are all trying our best to provide parents with the information they need. If you have questions that are not answered on the website please submit your question on this form.

We are all in this together and will work together to be successful!