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Mission Statement

The mission of Westerville North is to ensure learning by effectively engaging every student, every day. 

Vision Statement

Westerville North High School is a dedicated and passionate learning community of parents, students, staff, and community members who are committed to cultivating one of the best high schools in America. Centered on the spirit, pride, and tradition of the Warrior Way, our community empowers students to become responsible, productive participants in our global society. The following vision statement is intended to clarify the commitments Westerville North High School Stakeholders make to ensure we achieve excellence in education for every student every day… Read More

2024 - 2025 SCHEDULES

Scheduling for the 2024-2025 school year is underway.  Students can meet with their counselor should a change need requested. The following are the only reasons a student can potentially have their schedule changed.

- Not enough classes (must have a minimum of 5 classes each semester - not including PE)

- Have already earned credit for a course on your schedule

- Missing a graduation requirement (some courses might be full, therefore, another course was added in lieu of the requested course)

- Deleting a duplicate course

- College Credit Plus question or timing of those classes

Honors/AP English Courses - any student who signed up for an Honors or AP English class and did not complete the summer project, this is not a reason to drop the course. The student will need to work with the teacher over the course of the first few weeks to ensure the project is completed. 

Please be patient as counselors try to work on finalizing student schedules for the year. 

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College Credit Plus

The CCP Program allows eligible Ohio students in grades 7 through 12 to earn college and high school credit through the successful completion of college courses.  Students interested in CCP (which includes, but is not limited to, specialized programs such as the John Glenn Internship as well as CCP courses offered on a student’s high school campus) must submit an intent form on the district Google Form, demonstrate college-readiness, and be accepted by the college/university they wish to attend. Each college/university has their own GPA and standardized test minimums.  Please visit the Westerville City Schools district site for more information

New Student Packet

New to North? Click here to see almost everything you need to know about being a warrior.

Haven't enrolled into WCS yet? Start here.

Life After High School

Click here to see the possibilities and to start creating a plan.

SENIORS - Transcript Request

To request your transcript be sent to colleges that you have applied to, you will want to request your transcript through SchooLinks.

 Your counselor uses SchooLinks to send your transcript and recommendation letters electronically to colleges. If you do not list your colleges in SchooLinks, we cannot send your transcript. See your counselor during Workshop Wednesdays in the main lobby.

Playing Sports after High School

Click for more information on requirements and how to register with NCAA and NAIA.

Want To Stay Up To Date?

Check your student's Schoology cohort page for the latest information regarding careers, college, and scholarship information. 

Warrior 2 Warrior

Peer Tutoring. Started by WNHS students, for WNHS students, run by WNHS students. If your student is interested in mentoring or receiving support have them reach out to Mrs. Whybrew, the Westerville North Librarian. 

Community Service

Although Community Service is not a graduation requirement, we encourage students to complete community service and to turn their hours into their advisory teacher. 

Community Service is not only a wonderful  way to give back to your community but it will also enhance your resume, college, and scholarship applications. 

WCS Job Board

Students interested in employment can check out the WCS Job Board page. Students can access work permits, Physician work permits, and access various employment applications. 

Needing a Schedule Change?

The Deadline to drop a class has passed. Please see your counselor if you have questions or concerns about a particular class.

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