English Language Arts

The WHS college prepatory English courses utilize the Odell Education curriculum.  This curriculum develops and enhances the skills of close reading, thoughtful writing-- formal, reflective, and creative--respectful speaking and listening, reflection, research, vocabulary and grammar [development], collaboration,  and critical thinking. The Odell Education curriculum  "is [also] dedicated to fostering creativiy and critical thinking" with "approaches to equip...and empower...students with the literacy essential for success in college, career, and civic life."

The English Departments also offers courses, free of charge, that can result in college credit. Those courses are the Advanced Placement Language and Compostiion, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, University of Rhode Island one semester concurrent enrollment 3 college credit course entitled "Writing to Inform and Explain" (WHS calls it College Writing) and the University of Rhode Island Intro to Literature 4 college credit concurrent enrollment class. 

Within each course, whether CP or College Credit, teachers guide students to bring forth their best creative/critical thinking skills, analytical processes, argumentative/rhetorical skills, and creative talents. In addition, students learn to challenge, question, and/or consider the deeper meaning of topics and texts as they develop their ELA, civic, and life skills. 

Beyond the challenging grade level courses, our electives also offer opportunities to investigate and enjoy other aspects of English curricula. Whether they experiment with form and voice in Creative Writing I or II, find deeper meaning in viewing/reading film in Film I or Film II, learn to investigate informational literacy and write like a journalist in Journalism, or develop their rhetorical speaking and voice skills in Public Speaking, students engage in materials as personally challenging and enlightening as they are enjoyable. 

Each year, students build upon the prior year’s learning as they develop into students who gradually learn more about the human experience, and  their role in their own lives. They grow into more confident readers, writers, arguers, thinkers, speakers, creators, and architects of their futures.

Denise A. Rushlow, M. Ed.National Board Certified 2014Department Chairperson 2018-2024

Department Announcements

2023 Summertime Independent Reading Fun! Connecting to the Year's Grade Level Themes
Free Choice SUMMER READING for EXTRA CREDIT as you start the school year in English
Libraries house non-fiction, historical fiction, fantasy fiction, science fiction, psychological thrillers, mythology, and more... think about what you are feeling like reading in your repertoire of interests! Try a book on tape if you are busy working outside or driving a long distance! 

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IF you are taking an upper level English course next fall, here you go! 

REQUIRED 2023 SUMMER WORK for Honors, AP, and College Credit Courses. 
If you are taking an Honors, Advanced Placement, or College Credit course, please click on the teacher’s name to access the link to the Summertime Course Preparation Requirements.  

9 Honors

Ms. Petrofes

Ms. Pucci

10 Honors

Mrs. Tallardy

11 AP Lang & Comp\

Mr. Zemanek

College Writing

Ms. Murray

Ms. Rushlow

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Intro to Lit

Ms. Murray

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