French at Westerly High School

Les cours de français au lycée de Westerly

Bonjour! Et bienvenue à la classe du français de Madame Canty. Welcome to French at Westerly High School. I am Madame Wendy Canty and I shall be your enseignante (teacher) for French this year! I have a BA in French from the University of Connecticut as well as a BA in Spanish from the University of Northern Illinois. My mastery education work was completed at Texas A&M International University. I have taught French, Spanish, English as a second language, and English language arts in 5 US states and 4 countries. After many years of travel, I have found the gem that is Westerly High School and can proudly count myself as a bulldog!

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of all things French with you this year and I am looking forward to learning beaucoup from you!