Carl Manganaro

Model School Coordinator (MORIC)

FTE - West Canada (Mondays)

Welcome to the Technology Integration Site for the West Canada Valley School District


Training At WCV

Training will start in January and continue to run until June. If you are unable to make these group trainings, please set up a time using this Google Calendar that we can meet. Individual trainings will be on Mondays.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so I will better know how to serve you here at WCV. A lot of my trainings will be based on this survey. Also here is the direct route to book a time to meet with me.

Virtual Reality Field Trip

Mr. Sarus' 9th Grade Global Studies class took a field trip recently to visit King Tut's Tomb. They didn't have to go to Egypt to see it, all they had to do is go to the Computer Lab at WCV High School. Students were amazed with how real some of these virtual tours were. Mr. Sarus said that most of his students enjoyed this lesson and were so engaged. Even students that he has struggled with to get more engaged in his class were really into the VR. To see the reaction of the students, watch this video made by Carl Manganaro from the Mohawk Regional Information Center.