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*Strategic Planning End of Year (2022-23) 2021-26*

Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Long Range Strategic Plan 2021-2026  

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Strategic Plan 2021-2026 Introduction Letter

Dear Colleagues and Westborough Community,

It is a pleasure to present the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan for the Westborough Public Schools.  Its completion is the result of collaboration and input from a wide ranging set of stakeholders  from our schools and the community.  The plan bridges from our last Strategic Plan, with the completion of goals carried forward into the 2021-2022 school year.  It then looks to the future of new innovations and projects to maintain high quality educational services and facilities for our families and our community. 

The document is a “living document” in that it is continually updated and reviewed to keep projects and planning up to date.   This is the roadmap to the work of the district, and guides the professional development, budgeting, project work, and programming of the Westborough Public Schools.  The language of the document is purposeful. It articulates, for example, if we are “exploring” ideas to guide possible decisions, versus if we are “implementing”  decisions on actions. The strength of the plan is in our shared commitment to complete with some resolution all of the goals in the Strategic Plan.  This commitment grounded the successful implementation of our last plan:  Westborough Public Schools Long Range Strategic Plan 2015-2020.  

Annually, the Strategic Plan is presented to the School Committee with progress updates of a midyear and end-of-year summary.  The summer planning work of the Westborough Leadership Team is then guided by these goals to prepare for each school year.  The timeline for developing and implementing areas of strategic focus and priorities is set out for three years and then updated to roll forward across the five years as goals and action items are completed.  Links will be added to share examples and outcomes of the plan as it is implemented.   

This plan, as well as the one before it, captures the commitment of the Westborough Public Schools to remain a vibrant and caring district that meets the needs of its faculty, families and the Westborough community.  We welcome the work ahead!


Amber Bock

Superintendent of Westborough Public Schools