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Ms. Barbara Harris


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10:00 to 11:00 and 4:00 to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

ABC Countdown!

Get in the Maryland Spirit and join the fun as we countdown to the end of the school year the ABC way!

MONDAY, April 27 A – Animal Day. Bring a live or stuffed animal for show and tell.

TUESDAY, April 28 B – Book Day. Show us your favorite book.

WEDNESDAY, April 29 C – Crazy Sock Day. Wear your crazy socks.

THURSDAY, April 30 D – Dance Party. The last 5 minutes of class

FRIDAY , May 1 E - Exercise Party. Be ready to exercise at the end of class.

MONDAY, May 4 F – Flashlight. Use a flashlight to read.

TUESDAY, May 5 G – Green. Wear green.

WEDNESDAY, May 6 H – Hat Day. Wear your favorite hat to class.

THURSDAY, May 7 I – Inside Out Day. Wear your clothes inside out.

FRIDAY, May 8 J – Joke. Come to class ready to share your favorite joke.

MONDAY, May 11 K – Kindness. Show kindness today.

TUESDAY, May 12 L – Write your letters in a fun way. {playdough, shaving cream, sand, jello, etc.}

WEDNESDAY, May 13 M – Mismatch. Wear mismatched clothes.

THURSDAY, May 14 N – Nightclothes. Wear your pajamas to class.

FRIDAY, May 15 O – Opposite classroom. Bring the class outside.

MONDAY, May 18 P – Picnic. Have a picnic for lunch.

TUESDAY, May 19 Q – Queen/King for a day. Come in your fancy clothes. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Useful Sites

Starfall - I have emailed each of you your personal code to get on. This has reading and math activities. ENJOY!!

Khan Academy -

ABCya -