Ninja Dojo

Welcome to the WSD Ninja Training Center

Here you will find all the materials you need to become a WSD Ninja Master. There are five essential categories you must master to become a true Master Ninja.

Each time you level up you'll receive wristbands, a certificate and school-wide recognition.

Become a Ninja master in all 5 areas you'll earn your Ninja Master t-shirt, other free goodies, including a year-end pizza party, district-wide recognition, and access to apps and technology before any other students in the Wenatchee School District.

To become a Ninja master in each area you must complete all of the ninja GimKits at each ninja level . The four levels are Novice, Apprentice, Ninja and Master.

To Attain Novice Status:

Earn $50,000 on GimKit

To Attain Apprentice Status:

Earn $500,000 on GimKit

To Attain Ninja Status:

Earn $5,000,000 on GimKit

To Attain Master Ninja Status:

Complete all of the GimKits as well as complete one of the Master Ninja performance tasks

Are you ready to become a WSD Ninja Master?