(Updated Dec. 29, 2023) 

The Men's Group is a great way to meet and play with golfers of all ages and abilities. We enjoy friendly competition, and use handicaps and net scores so that everyone has a chance to win. Most of our tournaments last one day, but the President’s cup is two days (with gross and net winners), there is weekly league play, and elimination match-play tournaments.  With the exception of the 9-hole weekly twilight league, matches are 18 holes (or 36 holes for a two-day tournament). 

We enjoy the social aspects of golf, and have refreshments after many events. For many of us, the Men's Group has contributed to our circle of close friends. Belonging to the Men’s Group encourages playing more golf, which is good for body and soul as well as one’s golf game! 

Men's Group membership for 2024 is $50. (Choose Join in the menu above.)  There are no additional fees for members. We currently have nine tournaments scheduled for 2024. All events include prizes. 

Choose the appropriate item in the navigation menu at the top of this page to find a membership form, details for all tournaments, information about handicaps (including how to get one), and local rules.

Below is a list of our 2024 tournaments. 

Nehoiden Men's Group 2024 Tournaments

All events are 18 holes except for Twilight League matches, which are 9 holes.

Nehoiden Men's Group tournaments.docx

Other Nehoiden tournaments

The followng events are open to all Nehoiden members. They are not official Men's Group events, but  have many Men's Group participants.  

Other Tournaments.docx