NGC Men's Group


The Men's Group is a great way to meet and play with golfers of all ages and abilities. We enjoy friendly competition, and use handicaps and net scores so that everyone has a chance to win. Most of our tournaments last one day, but the President’s cup is two days (with gross and net winners), there is weekly league play, and elimination match-play tournaments. With the exception of the twilight league, matches are 18 holes (or 36 holes if two days). This year at popular request we are adding a member-guest tournament.

We enjoy the social aspects of golf, and have refreshments after many events. For many of us, the Men's Group has contributed to our circle of close friends. Belonging to the Men’s Group encourages playing more golf, which is good for body and soul as well as one’s golf game!

Men's Group membership for 2019 is $45. We currently have eleven tournaments scheduled for 2019. All events include prizes, and several include cookouts afterwards, including the first event (the Miami Scramble). Hard to beat the membership price - less than the cost of going out for a nice meal or a single round of golf at most courses!

Upcoming Events

Choose the appropriate item in the navigation menu at the top of this page to find a membership form, a list of all tournaments, how to get a handicap, and local rules. (There is one important new rule regarding balls that go out of bounds or are lost.)

Below is a brief overview of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Below is an overview of the first few events of 2019. See the Tournaments item in the navigation menu for a complete list and description of all tournaments.

Miami Scramble, Sunday May 5 7:30 am

This is a perfect event to start the 2019 season for all of us whose swings are in early season form. It gives a chance to renew friendships from the previous year, and for newcomers, to meet some members of the Men’s Group. All players hit each shot, and then the best is picked and all hit the same ball from the selected spot. Thus while a great shot is congratulated by your teammates, a poor shot doesn't matter and is instantly forgotten. The format means that often teams finish with a score below par. There is a cookout afterwards.

Those who are not Nehoiden Men's Group members can be ``temporary" members eligible to participate in this tournament by paying $20, which also can count toward the season membership of $45. Handicaps are not required for this tournament since just gross team scores are used.

Twilite league, Thursdays 4-5, starting May 9

Matches are 9 holes. League play involves teams of two golfers, with teams competing in match play format each week, with handicaps. In the first part of the season each week each team plays another team, until they have played all other teams in the league. Teams accumulate points in this round robin, which determine seeding for the playoffs that follow. Since the matches occur on Thursdays, this is an ideal event for those who find it difficult to play on weekends or who just enjoy playing in late afternoon during the week. Requires Nehoiden Men's Group membership.

The Game, Saturdays and Sundays, 7:30 am (Switches to 7:00 starting Memorial Day Weekend)

This is not a Men's Group Event, though many participants belong to the Men's Group. Open to all Nehoiden Members. Informal drop-in: show up at 7:30 am (until Memorial Day weekend). Balls are tossed up to form foursomes randomly. Competition is for lowest net score. MGA handicaps are required. A great way to enjoy some friendly competiton and meet other golfers. $5 fee to enter, which is distributed as prizes. Each event is 18 holes and takes roughly 4 hours ± 15 minutes.