Welcome to SHS DECA

Welcome to the Severance Chapter of DECA!

DECA is a fun, competitive, and educational club centered on the principles of business management, entrepreneurship, marketing, hospitality, and finance (personal and professional). DECA offers many competitive events that you can compete in on the district level, state level, national level, and even the international level! DECA offers numerous opportunities of community service and helps to build the skills necessary to succeed in the modern capitalist world. To learn more about our club, visit the About page.

Join DECA!

DECA is filled with amazing opportunities and valuable experiences. We would love to have you join us! While full membership costs and applications are due at the beginning of the school year, you can join our club at any time of the year and be a part of many non-competitive events, as well as see what DECA is all about! Contact Mr. Haining for more information at david.haining@weldre4.org.

Partner with SHS DECA

SHS DECA can work with other classes and clubs here at our school and across the district. If you are interested in having DECA work with you on marketing, financing, finding advertisers, purchasing, or anything business related, fill out the following form or email Mr Haining (david.haining@weldre4.org).