8th Grade Electives

WMS Course Descriptions 2019-2020

Students will submit requests for 8th grade electives classes at the end of their 7th grade year. We will honor these requests when possible, but please request some alternates. Be sure to select more than enough classes to fill your elective schedule. (8 quarters + 4 alternates).

Physical Education

Art & Design

Fitness/Leisure (Kickball/Hiking) 9640 1st Quarter Only

Fees: TBA (Optional Hiking Field Trip)

2 days a week students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of kickball games and compete at optimum fitness levels to earn rewards. 3 days a week, students will learn the proper techniques of hiking, types of terrain and basic mountaineering etiquette, measuring steps/distance while exploring a variety of trails within the Windsor community. Field trip to Horsetooth Rock at the end of the quarter will occur. This field trip is optional.

9620 Indoor Team /Life Sports & Weight Training 2nd or 3rd Quarter

This class consists of Volleyball, Eclipse Ball & Floor Hockey while alternating two days a week weight training.

9611 Fitness/Snowboarding 2nd Quarter Only

Fees: TBA - (Optional Snowboarding Field Trip: approx. $85)

Coach & Student created Workouts and Crossfit Competitions! This class will learn CrossFit style workouts. Students will also be able to create their own CrossFit style workouts and compete against other CrossFit teams within the class. At the end of the quarter, students will have the option to participate in a snowboarding field trip. Selecting this class does NOT require the student to attend the field trip. Maximum #of Students: 45 this quarter only

9631 Individual Sports 3rd Quarter Only

Fee: TBA (Optional Bowling Field trip)

This class consists of Bowling, Badminton, Pickleball, and Leisure Lawn games. These Individual sports will be 3 days a week alternating with fitness days including but not limited to Insanity and P90X workouts. At the end of the quarter, students will have the opportunity to participate in a bowing field trip to Greeley. Field trip is optional, not mandatory.

9641 Weight Training 3rd Quarter Only

Fees: none

This class is designed to increase student’s knowledge in weightlifting. Learning the proper technique in weight training, fitness, and muscle identification along with a variety of fitness components. Students will be lifting 3 days a week, 1 game day, 1 cardio fitness activity.

9621 Independent/Life Sports (Zumba, Cize Dancing & Bowling) 3rd Quarter Only

Fee: TBA (Optional Bowling Field trip)

Students will participate in a 9 -week fitness component consisting of dancing for 3 days a week while bowling the other 2 days. At the end of the quarter, students will have the opportunity to participate in a bowling field trip to Greeley. Field trip optional, not mandatory.

9642 Fitness/Biking 4th Quarter Only Fee: $10.00

Required Materials: bike and helmet

Two days a week, students will become familiar with biking skills, trail rules and etiquette. Field trip to Valmont Bike Park will occur at the end of the quarter. Bikes and helmets are required for this class. Three days a week, students will participate in Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Speedball. Units will be taught throughout the quarter along with biking.

9630 Outdoor Team Sports 1st and 4th Quarter only

This class includes Lacrosse, Tugball & Softball. This class is designed for the true outdoor team player. These units will focus more on strategy rather than individual sport specific skills. Dedication is required!

8665 PhysEd.com and PE games Any Quarter

This class will participate in a variety of PhysEd.com games as well as general PE games that are fun to play. If you enjoy playing as well as learning new games and getting your fitness level up this will be a fun – energy filled quarter!

Performing Arts

9020 Choir Semester (2 Quarters)

Students work on vocal techniques and basic musicianship while singing. There are required performances at the end of each quarter and students must also purchase a concert outfit.

9050-8 Drama Any Quarter

Students explore creative thinking, and imagination through play. Course includes pantomime, improvisation, scene work, character building, costume design, and a final class play.

9010 Band Full Year (4 Quarters)

Students will learn to play wind and percussion instruments through the performance of music.

9000 Orchestra Full Year (4 Quarters)

Students will learn to play string instruments through the performance of music.

9031 Guitar Any Quarter

Learn the fundamentals of guitar.

Foreign Language

9720 Spanish B Full Year (4 Quarters)

See your advisory page for the application form.

This course curriculum is equivalent to that of Spanish I at Windsor High School. Students will learn to communicate in Spanish in the areas of listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Authentic, cultural materials will be presented so students learn to use the language in meaningful, real-world contexts. Students should expect homework a few times a week, along with a number of quizzes and tests. Students will receive high school credit for this course, and it will be calculated in their high school GPA.

9410-8 Art A 1st or 2nd Quarter

Students will learn a variety of drawing techniques using multiple materials with a focus on the element of shape and the art of collage.

9420-8 Art B 3rd or 4th Quarter

Students will become familiar with drawing and painting tools/techniques, color theory, and art history to create original 2D & 3D artwork.

9422 Graphic Arts Any Quarter

In this course, students will explore digital art methods with designing apps. They will be introduced to user-friendly media programs, allowing students to use iPads and other devices to enhance their creativity and show off both their digital and hand design skills.

9555 Yearbook Semester (2 Quarters)

See your Advisory Page for the Application form

Students will learn about different aspects of digital photography, page design/layout, and journalism skills (writing captions/articles) and work collaboratively as a team to create, advertise, and distribute a quality school yearbook. Application required and must be submitted to be considered for the course.

Industrial Arts

9332 Wizard Manufacturing Any Quarter

In this class students will learn how to form a small business and manufacture items for sale. We will learn how things are manufactured and mass produce items for sale. We will also learn about topics such as financing and marketing.

9360 Power Mechanics Any Quarter

In this class students will learn about 4 stroke engine theory, aerodynamics, alternate energy and crash testing. Projects include: taking apart and reassembling a 4-stroke lawnmower engine. Designing and building a CO2 powered race car. Designing a crash test vehicle that must protect an egg. Fee for this class is $5.

9370 Pre Engineering Any Quarter

In this class students will learn about problem solving, engineering, coding and physics. They will apply these concepts to build and code robots using an arduino. We will also build trebuchets to hit a target wall. Fee for this class is $2.

9380 Architectural Design Any Quarter

In this class students will learn about designing floor plans and basic building techniques. Students will use computer aided drafting to draw floor plans for a ranch style home and animate a walkthrough.

Technology & Media

9853 Computer Programming I Any Quarter

Students are introduced to the basics in computer programming. Student will program using Python. They will be creating some games such as etch-a-sketch and guess my number. They will also get to create their own stamps and painting using Python.

9854 Computer Programming II Any Quarter

Prerequisite: Computer Programming I

In this class, students will extend their knowledge of Python by creating their own working glossaries, joke generators, and calculators. Students will also get to start building their own interactive games such as Pong and Breakout. If there is time, they will get to build their own games such as flappy bird.

9810 Media Any Quarter

Students will research a variety of articles in order to find a strong idea to report on. Students must enjoy the writing process in order to create a video news story. In addition to reading and writing, the student must be able to work in small teams to create a successful newscast. Students will learn how to use Final Cut Pro, Garageband and other applications.


Explore the world of podcasting. Listen to and analyze a variety of podcasts to see how they are created. Then, create your own original podcast.

9812 Broadcast Media Semester (2 Quarters) 8th hou

See your advisory page for the Application form

Students will work individually and in small groups to create promotional videos, feature stories and public service announcements. In addition to creating newscasts, students will work with community partners such as the town of Windsor and the Windsor/Severance Library to produce content that will be used in the Windsor Community. Field trips may occur as needed in order to complete these tasks.