El sitio web de la Señora Lehman

Español 7, 8 y World Language 6


¡Bienvenidos al sitio web! Welcome to the website! The purpose of this site is to provide families insight into what we are doing in class and access to great sites for continued practice and learning of Spanish language and world culture.

Things to know:

  • All students will be members of Google Classroom, and they will be able to see their assignments and, in some cases, access assignments there.
  • Parents! Ask your child to show you our Google Classroom page. It has all their assignments and due dates, directions for how to enroll as my students in various web applications, and vocabulary lists in the "About" section of the page.
  • Please visit each course page for useful links (Click just the words, not the arrow at first).
  • Click on the arrow next to the grade level course to find your child's class in the drop down menu. This will give you access to the class calendar, which includes assignment due dates.
a picture of the the word "thank you" in many different languages

Monday 12/10/18 sub plan

Link to 6th Grade Video Clips (Please play through all 4 short clips... a total of about 10 minutes)