Hello my name is Mrs. Buente. Welcome..... I am the Computer Technology Teacher at Seaborn Elementary School. I couldn't wait to get back to school this year. The district is in the process of adding some new material to the Technology Curriculum for our students. This will prepare students for the 21st century and to become Digital Learners.

As elementary students, the children's main goal will be to become proficient at keyboarding. Grades K-1 will focus on letter location. Grades 2-4 will be hitting the keyboarding technique pretty strong.... it's not the speed we are working on; we will be working on technique and accuracy. This is a necessary literacy skill to perfect! I will post sites for keyboarding practice. All students will have a account and can practice at home. I will have access to their accounts to see how they are progressing. Students need to understand that learning to keyboard doesn't happen in a day...! This literacy skill will be practiced at the beginning of each TECHNOLOGY class.

Holly Buente,

330-652-9695, EXT. 2110