Grade 6

Language Writing:

NEW - Creative Writing - students are working on various forms of Creative Writing - including a Science Fiction story.

Students are continuing to work on writing clear and precise sentences - editing their work and following the Writing Process.

Language Reading:

We continue to read in class stories, using the World of Literature and Nelson Readers.

Language Spelling:

Spelling Exercises are due Weekly.


Math Unit: Measurement - we are finishing the unit this week - there will be two smaller tests for this unit, rather than one large unit test.

**Students should be practising their Times Tables every night to help them with their math homework.** XTRA Math accounts are available - but we are paying to use and this is assigned homework!


New Unit #3 - Jesus' Birth!

Memory Work - No Memory Work


Science Fair: Students should be working on their research and experimental aspects of their projects. Teachers are available throughout the week to help them with their writing or if they have questions.



Parents are asked to sign and return the new Electronics Policy, adopted by the LCA Board in January, 2018. You can download a copy of the form from the Classroom if you wish to print it at home and send it back to the school. Thanks.

2017 Internet Electronics Policy.pdf