Grade 6

Language Writing:

Students are working on writing clear and precise sentences - editing their work and following the Writing Process.

Language Reading:

Students began an Independent Novel Study this month. Most of the work will be done at school - however, students may bring their novel home to read. Students should be reading 30 minutes per night.

Language Spelling:

Spelling Exercises are due Weekly


New Unit: Whole Numbers - Multiplication & Division. **Students should be practising their Times Tables every night to help them with their math homework.** XTRA Math accounts are available - but we are paying to use and this is assigned homework!

1 hour/week on Mathletics.


New Unit - The Bible. There might be some homework, finishing up the classroom work.

Memory Work -




Parents are asked to sign and return the new Electronics Policy, adopted by the LCA Board in January, 2018. You can download a copy of the form from the Classroom if you wish to print it at home and send it back to the school. Thanks.

2017 Internet Electronics Policy.pdf