Grade 5

Mr. Gaunt

Language: Reading: Students continue with their Reading Logs. They are required to read 150 minutes per week and record it. If it is not recorded (in their reading log or their planner) it will not count. Parents need to sign it each day/week. DUE EVERY MONDAY. Our first book report was assigned last week - due December 12. Students may choose any book they like, at their reading level. Preferably a minimum of 150 pages. Writing Traits: Ideas (detail, focus). Spelling: We will do a spelling test every Friday.


We have almost completed the Number Sense unit. Test will be Friday, November 16. Make sure students know multiplication and division. Students must complete a minimum of two Xtramath ( sessions per week. It only takes 10 minutes/day. It's easy, fun, and very beneficial to math learning. We have also signed up for another math program online that more closely matches the outcomes and guidelines of our program (and the Ministry of Ed's program). It's called Mathletics. Students have been given an account and password. They will have regular assignments that will match the lessons taught. Learn those multiplication facts!

Science (Mrs. Kapinga)

Enjoy studying God's amazing creation!


We began our studies with the Old Testament Covenants. This week: Mosaic Covenant. Memory work: Exodus 20: 5,6 (10 Commandments. We will do them all over the next few weeks) due Friday.

Phys. Ed. and Health (Mrs. Foster)

Our bodies are the temple of the Lord, so let's look after them well.

Social Studies

Students did a GREAT job on our first PBL project of the year: researching and preparing a presentation on "Who Should I Vote For?" regarding the upcoming October 22, 2018 municipal election. Thanks for coming to see the presentations! We will complete our government unit over the next few weeks and then have a test at the end of November or early December.


God is our Creator. Part of being made in His image means that we, too, have creative abilities. In our art studies this year we will appreciate the beauty that God has given to us, while learning to create pieces of art that praise God for our abilities. Additionally, we will develop our skills through purposeful dramatic expression.


Get ready to praise and worship and learn more about the beauty and majesty of music with Mrs. Foster! Please remember to bring in your red Music folder.


Bienvenue! And welcome to our new French teacher, Madame Trebicka!

Further Info:

  • Thank you for coming to our student-led parent-teacher interviews last week! It was great to discuss your child's learning with you.
  • Please pray for our new mayor - Ed Holder (1 Tim. 2:1,2).
  • Please pray for us all in Grade 5 that the Lord would help us to grow to be more and more like Him.
  • LCA supports two Compassion Canada children. We ask that each student bring in $1/month (of their own money) to help us meet the needs of others living in less favourable conditions and countries than we enjoy here.
  • Community Service: The Gr. 5 class participates in the "Acorns and Oaks" program which is a joint venture with LCA, St. Joseph's Health Centre, the City of London, and Chartwell Retirement residences. Our next meeting is on Nov. 14 at Kinsmen Arena.