Celebration of Learning

Life in Grade 3!

Spirit days, recess, worship, flexible seating and class fun!

The Grade 3's LOVE to worship together throughout the day - praising God for all He has done and continues to do in our class and in our lives!

Grade 3 Worship.mp4
Your Love Awakens Me - Grade 3 Chapel - Oct 20 .mp4

Grade 3 Chapel


(October 2021)

Science Projects & Experiments

Christmas Song and Actions with Grade 2

Hope was Born this Night - Grade 2 & 3.mp4
Fractured fairy tale Anna .pdf

Fractured fairy tale Audrey .pdf

Fractured fairy tale Amelia .pdf

Grade 3 Work Samples

Xander - Book Project
Mya - Book Project
Audrey - Book Project
Anna - book project