Miss Schwering's Literacy Classes

7th Grade Literacy - Schwerston

This year in seventh grade we will be working really hard to achieve our reading and writing goals. we will do this ins a variety of ways.

  • Forty Book Challenge

  • Reading literature, informational articles, novels, short stories, etc.

  • Writing full processed pieces, weekly journal entries, and on demand writing assignments

  • Grammar, vocabulary, Greek/Latin roots

8th Grade Literacy - Coteach with Mrs. Porter

This year in eighth grade we will be working really hard to get you ready for high school. Our expectations are high and we know that you'll rise to meet them.

  • We will do a lot of reading this year across multiple genres. Through informational reads, short stories, and novels we will be enhancing our comprehension and digging deep into texts.

  • We will also be writing a lot and this should be no surprise. Each day you will be writing in some form or fashion. Some days it will be short writing tasks and others we will go through the steps for full processed writing pieces. Bring your creativity!

About me

Hi! My name is Kelly Schwering. I grew up in West Deptford and have been working in the district for the last ten years. I am the Student Council co-advisor and run the Kindness Club on Thursdays.

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